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Mwo Builds With Grayson Sortek


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Posted 04 April 2018 - 11:29 AM

Hello All!

I've been playing MWO for a few years now, before the Clans invaded but not quite at the very beginning of the game. Still, I have a fair amount of experience with the subject matter. I've been playing enough to know that there are certain "meta" builds that people will tell you to make, and the meta changes all the time depending on what the devs are doing with the balance of the game.

I personally am not a big fan of duplicating someone's "meta" and trying to force myself into a play-style that may not be right for me. I like to tinker with my 'Mechs and I like to find configurations that are fun and interesting to play. I thought I would offer you guys something a little different from the "meta", something that encourages people to experiment with their builds and have fun with it.

You can find my playlist here: https://goo.gl/Qw5ZrY

The early videos were just certain 'Mechs, components, and tactics that I found interesting and wanted to make a build video for. No real rhyme or reason to why I picked them, but now I'm going through and I'm running through the weight classes and the factions IS/Clan. My videos show the build in the first half and explain the reasoning behind the selection of certain components, weapons, etc. The second half of my videos show the build in action, so that I can explain how it works on the battlefield in relation to your own experience and that of your team.

You'll see in the light'mech videos that I go over tactics to help you earn c-bills; hit-and-run, light-protect, flanking, etc. My builds tend to focus on having fun while earning c-bills. I can't say that these are "competitive" builds that will get you into a tournament, but I encourage you to watch them to start generating some of your own ideas on how to customize your giant avatars of death and war to have fun.

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