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Blackjack Bj-1 Solaris Builds

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#1 Ruccus


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Posted 18 April 2018 - 02:28 AM

With the Vindicator being the dominant player in Division 7 (until it either gets its quirks nerfed or gets kicked up a division or two) I figure I'll try to give fellow BJ-1 pilots some ideas on different Blackjack builds for Solaris. I think every BJ-1 pilot knows about the Boomjack builds so I'll skip them, but they are also perfectly viable builds for Solaris.

Quad MPL BJ-1
This is a nice little build that can keep going even when a torso is shot off. The MPLs have a deceptively decent range (I think with my skills and the targeting computer I'm at a 274m range), they cycle quickly, and with that many heatsinks it's easy to manage your heat while doing damage. The Heavy MGs are nice at critting out exposed components.

AC10/4ML BJ-1
If you've got good aim this can be a nice distance build. Choose an open map and use the AC10 to soften up the enemy, then use everything up close. switching the MLs out for SPLs is a viable option.

Dual LB10X BJ-1
You only have 15 shots (18 with the ammo skill nodes, and if you run this build take them) so make them count because that's only 360 damage worth of ammo with the skill nodes. Don't forget to glance at your ammo during the fight and hold your shots if the enemy is torso twisting.

Dual RAC5 BJ-1
Only one thought describes this build: "Pray to the Jam God". Keep the RACs on target until it's dead or they both jam, then use the small lasers on whatever spots your RACs have opened up. If you live long enough for the RAC5s to unjam, let loose again.

Feel free to post your builds, changes to the above builds, or Boomjack builds to help your fellow BJ-1 pilots destroy those evil, puppy-kicking Vindicators.

Edit: Thought I'd add one more build. Since the Vindicator does well because of its quirks I thought I'd try to maximize the BJ-1's quirks and see what happens, and I ended up winning three matches in it (though they were all close matches):

It's surprisingly simple but effective. I know there's a lot of ammo in there but it's designed that way - shoot early, shoot often, don't be afraid to waste shots, and try to keep your distance. It's all about trying to soften up the enemy before getting into brawling range and the build is cold enough that you can keep firing the AC2s when the brawling starts.

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#2 stealthraccoon


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Posted 24 May 2018 - 08:30 AM

Well, I still haven’t taken the Solaris plunge, but I understand the gameplay doesn’t follow QP rules - honestly I still really love the standard ‘Boomjack’ build and I’d imagine you could get away with a single ton of ammo in a fact 1 v 1 match.


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#3 Johny Rocket


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Posted 23 August 2018 - 03:07 PM

I tried 2x rac2 and got my head kicked in by an Uziel with 2x UAC10

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