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Looking For Semi-Competitive Casual Group

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#1 Wicket Warrior


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Posted 11 July 2018 - 08:08 PM

Playing nonstop QP sucks and noticing it is becoming extremely hard to get into FP matches these past 2 weeks if not in a large unit dropping as one. This means I cannot stay as an "Army of One Merc Unit" dropping randomly with in game friends.

I am looking for a group that is casual with minimal BS rules. Semi-competitive in the sense that strategies and tactics are incorporated, but it is not some end of the world requirement to practice maneuvers every freaking day till our eyes bleed.

Have a metric crap ton of mechs to play on either side. Do prefer Clan as a merc, of which I have sided with for about a year, yet am fine playing both sides.

#2 Horseman


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Posted 12 July 2018 - 07:54 AM

Head Hunters Of Davion run both casual and organized battallions. We're normally Davion Loyalist, currently switched to Steiner Loyalist, but may occasionally do stints as Mercs on Davion contract.

Fire up TeamSpeak and start dropping with us on ts3.hhod.com:7345 . If what you see on TeamSpeak and in our mission statement looks like a unit you'd like to be part of, fill in an application form here to apply for unit membership.

If you want to learn more about us first or have any questions about the recruitment process, just ask me and I'll answer to the best of my ability.


I am looking for a group that is casual with minimal BS rules.
Our core rules, once you strip them down to bare essentials, amount to:
  • Respect your teammates and the enemy (no matter if you're wiping the floor with them or they with you)
  • Play hard and play fair
  • Keep your language clean
  • Check politics, religion and world events at the door.
  • Don't do anything that would give HHOD a bad name
  • Remember to check our website periodically for unit announcements


Semi-competitive in the sense that strategies and tactics are incorporated,


but it is not some end of the world requirement to practice maneuvers every freaking day till our eyes bleed.
No mandatory practice sessions.
There is a training program for new recruits, but the courses are all a one-time thing. New recruits are expected to complete the courses on gameplay basics, comms and brawling within a month of having their application accepted. You can, however, join these classes while your probation period is still underway and get them done then and there. There are other classes, but those can be taken at a pace you're comfortable with.

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#3 dante245


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Posted 13 July 2018 - 05:12 PM

We are a Faction Warfare and Lore focused unit. That means that we strive to be competitive in FW and represent the Rasalhague Dominion while we do it. to allow effective team cohesion, we have created a command structure, developed by one of our best termin8torsmurf. it works by combining Real Military Hierarchy and Ranking structures from both Rasalhague and Ghost Bear lore.broken into 4 groups "warrior", "Specialist", "Officers" and "Leadership". A working headset is required for joining the unit as you need to be able to give and acknowledge info and orders immediately; and a microphone is integral to that. we also like people to be on our team-speak when in MWO, even if solo dropping. "got a room for that"

If you would like to join us, your first place will be the Menig "Recruit". As a Menig, you will be expected to work on your personal play style and skills. As you strive to improve yourself as a pilot, you will be dropping alongside some longtime FW veterans - don’t be afraid to ask them for help getting up to speed. Faction Warfare can be punishing as much as rewarding, and we’re here to help you overcome obstacles as they arise in your personal development as a FW pilot. from there, you will work with unit members on a regular basis "team-speak a must", and based on merit and officer discretion, be promoted up the WARRIOR level ranks till reaching Kavallrist Mark 2"Sargent Major". to reach officer status, you must work 1 on 1 with a veteran player on strategy, builds, following orders, and piloting. When he/she feels you are ready they will submit your name to the Command Staff and other RXD Leadership ( Point Commander and above) for consideration for promotion to entry Officer status. They are then responsible for informing you if you passed your promotion vote or if the unit thinks you need to spend more time training. we are not to strict on drop decks, but have a list of recommended mechs we expect you run or have equivalent mechs and builds set up and ready to go. its up to you to maintain them" wont wait hours for you to make adjustments before a drop"

For those who excel in the Officer-ship, unit Command makes decisions on promotion to Unit Leadership status. This is entirely at the discretion of unit command, and only is offered to individuals who show the skill, temperament and ability to put in large amounts of time for the good of the unit.

If any of this sounds like something you’d like to be in, then you can find us on the Comstar TS in channels labeled “{RXD} Rasalhague X Dominion"channels are alphabetical." Look for Dante245, Termin8torSmurf, Narcissus79, SKJOELSVOLD, or SUBLETHALTECH for admission. Be sure to have Facebook for our group " https://www.facebook...hagueXDominion/ " as we use that for communications outside of games." Also, be sure to check out our unit website at " https://rasalhaguexdominion.enjin.com/ for guides and other useful info". if you can not reach any of the above leadership, then go to our Facebook group and apply...leave your in game name and reason for joining there.

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