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Finals Live Stream Plea

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#1 maxdest


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Posted 27 August 2018 - 01:52 PM

With approx 3 months time now remaining until the finals , I guess from a comercial sense the plans are now approaching finalisation - but there is still a chance for tweaks and some prep.

As a watcher of last year's finals on stream, it was truely a poor affair that I don't think attracted much attention outside of the community. Being a satirical kinda guy, I found the stream kinda funny in a 'so bad it's good' way, but please for everyone elses sake, dont repeat the same again.

My constructive points from last year's stream:
  • Long periods with nothing being shown - we had logo screens or cameras zooming into bald blokes heads in the crowd. It was funny at first, but no need to repeat! Show canned features you have pre-filmed, or at worst streams of a random 1vs1 match or MW5 gameplay.
  • The music was terrible and laced with swears. I am not a prude, but couldn't help laughing at one chorus where "F%!@ Yeah!" was repeated over and over as if we were reaching a truely epic climax (whilst watching a logo) ... If my kids were watching I most certainly would have turned off.
  • It was hard to tell whom was actually running the stream, at multipule points calls were made by randoms to do XXX for reason YYY, flooding the chat. The stream was flodded and unviewable for minutes. Have the mods be more strict with mutes.
  • A bit of a harder one here ... for the champs I would have liked to have seen canned footage of a 'leadup to the finals'. Interviews with teams, an analysis of tactics , stats etc. Trust me, this demographic LOVES stats - give us them ! Would be a perfect thing to fill in the 'gaps' mentioned above.
Its been a year, so I am sure Imust have forgotten some things, anyone else anything?

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#2 MechaBattler


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Posted 27 August 2018 - 02:20 PM

I remember tuning a few times and they were just jabbering on. I didn't stick around and always managed to come back to nothing going on. : /

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