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Community Conquest Idea

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Posted 29 November 2018 - 05:18 PM

So I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I'll give it a shot. What I'm looking to do is start a discord (https://discord.gg/Mk6GdTY) have units from each house and a few merc units. The initial idea is we'd use lore accurate mechs for the factions/mercs, and would have battles each week over the worlds. He's an idea of how it's worked in other games.

Raiding vs Invading: Warring faction may choose to raid or invade each other. These are two distinct forms of attacking. A raid is an "unofficial" attack and will not result in any territories being transferred. It can be done at any time or place the attacking faction chooses and with whatever character's the attackers choose. This may lead to war and open up the ability to invade. When a warring faction chooses to invade another faction's territory with the intention of claiming it there are certain rules involved. The aggressor faction may only choose from characters occupying adjacent territories to form the attack force. Vise versa the only characters that may defend the territory are characters currently occupying the targeted territory or an adjacent territory. This forces the factions participating to strategically choose wisely where to place their forces on the map, whether to maximize defensive or offensive capabilities. When an invasion force is chosen and a territory targeted the target faction will speak out of character to the attackers and choose a time/place within that territory to maximize participation. The defenders have the time prior to the official start of the next week's activity. If a defending faction does not choose a time/place and fight a battle, the attackers will claim the territory and the following week's actions the defenders must move their forces from the territory that has switched hands.

Moving forces: Each week in addition to being able to claim a territory faction may move around characters throughout the map, posting the moves in the same forum post as territorial changes are posted, the caveat being, characters can only move a limited number of territories per week. The general rule being characters must move only one territory per week, this however charges based on terrain.

Battles for a homeworld: Home territories are special cases as we do not want to kick people out of the game. Home bases are a special case and if attacked characters from up to two contiguous territories may defend. This is reasoned as when a character's home is threatened he/she will stop at nothing to make it back to defend. If a faction loses their home territory they now have a choice, they can join with their conquerors and lend forces and cooperate (becoming a "Vassal state" to their conquerors) or they can choose to revolt and try to take back their home base once a week.

Sorry for the book, but I do think this is something that could be pretty fun for the community! anyways once again the discord is: https://discord.gg/Mk6GdTY feel free to hop in and i'm sure we can build upon this with the community!

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