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#1 imdrunkontea


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Posted 05 January 2019 - 05:36 PM

Despite the name, LRMs are typically terrible for long range use. They take time to travel, they spread damage all over the place without line of sight, etc.

But they can be effective - at medium range, with your team!

Doing so provides the following advantages:
- Far less travel time, ensuring a hit
- If you have artemis, you get an accuracy bonus
- You can use backup weapons along with your LRMs
- Your teammates protect you from being picked off by Piranhas and other lights
- Most importantly, especially if you're an LRM Heavy/Assault - you provide target saturation for the enemy, so that the poor lights/mediums at the tip of the spear don't get torn apart!

It's tempting to stay in cover and just fire LRM20s all day, but I assure you that not only does that do the least amount of damage, but you are actually MOST vulnerable to dying a short and frustrating death than sticking with your team.

LRMs can be capable weapons, and viable for those who prefer a lock-on rather than direct fire system - but the vast majority of LRM users don't use them to their potential, and as a result attract the frustration of more experienced players. Just stay with your team and think of them as medium-range support weapons, and you'll be good to go!

#2 InspectorG


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Posted 07 January 2019 - 06:30 PM

The key is medium range, as in 200m-400m and TAG. Artemis is pretty mandatory. NARC is nice if you can.

But TAG really holds it all together. Faster locks, better spread. Bonus if your friends hit the TAG'd target?

#3 AlmHurricane


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Posted 12 February 2019 - 02:13 AM

I disagree with some of the mentioned suggestions:
  • Medium Range and Tag: I don't carry a tag and I will always fire my 4 LRM 15s on the AWS-8R on targets that are in my range. For me an LRM Mech is like an artillery piece. My job is to put out as much dmg as I can and if I have to choose between 2 targets I will aim at the one that is most dangerous for my team, or kill the one that is called... Also early in a game I focus on helping my light mechs fight off enemy lights, because they can be extremly dangerous for me and the bulk of my team hasn't engaged by that time.
  • Backup Weapons: I know I will get a **** ton of hate for that: I don't carry backup weapons. The reason is pretty simple: Wasted dmg potential. The moment a light or medium is close enough, 4 SML/MED lasers wont make a diffrence anyways. And I need quite some time to put out the 100+ dmg potential per ton LRM Ammo with a MED-ER Laser... Also: As an LRM Carrier you want to stay with your team but in cover and NOT in line of sight with your target.
  • Also: Artemis is not worth it. I tested it with a friend of mine. In fact, judging by the player stats, or rather the Weapon stats: The accuracy and DMG per salvo of LRM20 with or without Artemis is less than 0,5dmg per salvo.

As I said, that's my personal opinion based on my experience and based on the numbers in the player stats section.
With my primary LRM carrier, the AWS-8R I got an average dmg per game between 650 and 700. So I tend to say that my setup an my playstyle works.

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#4 Horseman


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Posted 13 February 2019 - 01:48 AM

Under 400m isn't medium range, it's close range. For medium range think of the 400-600m bracket.

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