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Matches With Chris Lowrey

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Posted 07 February 2019 - 06:54 PM

So we just dropped with Chris, and he asked us to put our thoughts in the forum. Here's mine:

One way to improve on the vs-LOS weapons of the LRM is have the LRMs immediately track the target even at incomplete lock, but with gradual tracking strength at the peak of the lock. With this system you already got the LRMs and ATMs much more reactive and the Lock system is less intrusive apart from Streaks, because we can just complete the lock sequence while the laced missiles are in air, cutting the cost.

Suggested by Kaeb (I think) is Ghost Missile Health and Ghost-Spread, or rather i think missile health and volley spread increases or decreases depending on how much LRMs you actively put in the air.

As said, around at 650m, the IDF locking is unbearable without TAG or NARC, cause it's hard to maintain. For the purposes of IDF, this actually nice because it forces the use of TAG and/or NARC. However i still prefer putting IDF Penalty of longer locks with longer-distance into DF Bonuses with shorter-locks with shorter distance, because it's at DF where you need to be quick in tracking enemies cause you'd be taking fire, you practically have most of the time in the world with IDF cause you're not taking fire -- and while that just means yes you have all the time in the world to complete the lock, the one getting the lock for you doesn't.

Yes, Instant Locks are a no-no for streaks, problem is that you also got a small-*** lock-cone to boot. Hows about a 35-degree cone, with 0.6667s floor lock-time?

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Posted 07 February 2019 - 07:11 PM

i didnt really get a good feel for the changes so its hard to say. last time i played a good 10 games in mechs i really had a lot of time to work on. i need more data points.

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