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Lrm Pts Nerf Or Buff?

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#1 Eatit


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Posted 08 February 2019 - 09:37 AM

Answer: Nerf to IS LRMs with LOS.

This is not just my opinion it is what I found while testing in the PTS.

I ran my Awesome 8r with 3x LRM15+Artemis in Live and PTS. I tested on the Atlas in Tourmaline Desert at 340 meters directly in front. I used Tag and chain fired the LRMs. I used a stop watch to determine TTK. I did this with direct LOS. Same mech, same skills, same specs.

I ran 10 tests in both live and PTS.


Live TTK in seconds

Average TTK 21.34 seconds on live

PTS TTK in seconds

Average TTK 24.32 seconds on PTS

13.96% more time to kill the atlas in the PTS than it did in Live. 14% nerf is pretty huge and is opposite the desired result of buffing direct fire. This is a nerf to direct fired LRMs.

The TTK is a direct result of the number of shots it took to kill the Atlas. Live took 22 shots on average and PTS took 27 shots on average. 330 missles vs. 405 missles. I'm sure this is due to the wider spread.

My assumption was that the changes brought in the PTS were to buff DF and Nerf IDF. It appears that they have nerfed both.

It does take longer to kill the atlas with IDF on Live and PTS, no change really. This is an insult to LRM users as it's already the worst performing weapon in the game. I understand that people don't like to get killed by the rain of LRM fire. I would say to them, "Don't stand in the open, bring AMS, take the radar derp skill!".

I don't see the changes proposed in the PTS changing the way people play. The people that like to stand in the back in an assault mech raining on locks they don't get won't change.

#2 Navid A1


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Posted 08 February 2019 - 10:17 AM

Yes, Low arc flight trajectory in direct fire somehow messes up spread values.

Even with the same spread values as Live, the actual spread is 20-25% more in PTS.

They need to fix it.

#3 Bud Crue


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Posted 08 February 2019 - 11:27 AM

Never found a match and so my results are testing ground only. I only run a few configurations on only a few mechs so not much to report...

CLRM20. Spread didn't seem any worse than normal in either mode, one thing notable in indirect fire mode is that the arc seemed insane at range...like these suckers would arc over any building that your target might hide behind.

IS-LRM15 with Art. GOOD GOD the spread! Like these things regardless of range and indirect or direct spread everywhere.

IS LRM10s. Not sure if this is a bug or what, but there was no apparent change from direct fire to indirect. Just a little hop in their initial firing pattern either way. Spread was worse than current live either way.

Tag both IS and Clan seemed to have no noticeable effect on lock time or speed of paper doll apperance, but I didn't actually stop watch it or anything.

Overall I'd say this is a nerf for the missiles I have equipped.

#4 General Solo


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Posted 08 February 2019 - 08:29 PM

Cant say their not listening, though the level of interest makes you wonder of the necessity of all this.

Maybe nerf indirect spread without narc/tag and leave the rest alone

Should make times harder for the freeloaders whilst not messing things up for those who like to lerm fu

Thou the LOS direct fire thing is interesting

Just saying

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#5 Bundar


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Posted 20 March 2019 - 05:37 AM

Had my first experience with the new LRM system today and the new maps. I am a fairly new player and only been playing about four months, I did pump some cash into it after enjoying the LRM play.

LRM's did allow me to have a chance against the higher tear players that I face regularly in the 12 v 12 battles, due to the small player base. I am Tear 5 and I know that I have had tear 3, 2 and probably 1 players on the same side as me, they have told me, and against me as well.

After the recent change I have found that Clan LRMS, while less effective, are still basically usable. You are not going to lock anything that is moving with an ECM any time soon though and you will probably lose more LRMS to cover and into team mates backs with the direct fire arc than before, so friendly fire is more of a concern. No more big damage scores like 800+ either.

IS LRMS though I have found to be basically useless. This is largely due to the minimum range. On some maps I got the occasional hit but against direct fire weapons they were performing very poorly. I found that if you combine IS LRM with Ballistic weapons such as UAC or RAC then you can still use them quite effectively as direct fire support but you may as well just have more ballistics.

If you try LRMS vs Direct fire weapons vs decent players then, due to the lock time and correct use of cover, they will just destroy you. Try waiting until they are fully under cover before you fire. If you don't lose the lock then you will do more damage with the indirect fire than firing directly into their cover.

I like MWO and want to see it do well. I understand why the changes were made and I hope to find other ways to use the IS mechs.

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#6 The Bountyhunter


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Posted 28 March 2019 - 10:17 AM

Reset them. The whole thing is just a huge nerf

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