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Set Rotational Events.

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Posted 11 February 2019 - 08:44 AM

So, Idea here is to have set events in rotation that always pop up. This will A. allow matt to always have events up in the "Upcoming events" section for units to plan their community events around.
B. Sales that coincide with something, rather than somewhat random ones.

So, heres the conceptual layout.

Month A.
Week 1, IS V Clan FP event.
Week 2, QP event
Week 3 Clan V Clan FP event.
Week 4 Sollaris Event.

Month B.
Week 1 IS V IS FP event.
Week 2 QP event
Week 3 IS V Clan FP event.
Week 4 Sollaris 2v2 event

Rinse and Repeat. Double XP events can be thrown in with any event, or can be used as a QP event. Preferably every 2-3 months. Loot bag and seasonal events can be thrown in at the same time as other events.

Factional rotations for events would go something like this, but also be based upon territory proximity.

Davion Smoke Jaguar
Kurita Jade Falcon
Liao Clan Wolf
Marik Ghost Bear
Rashalhague Nova Cat
Steiner Diamond Shark
Steel Viper

So, for example, the rotation would look like
Month A. Week1: Davion V Smoke Jag
Week3: Jade Falcon V Clan Wolf
Month B. Week1: Kurita V Liao
Week3: Marik V Ghost Bear

However, theres factions that are not on eachothers borders in this scenario, so itl go to the next available faction in rotation that borders the other.

For example, in the current map state, Smoke jaguar is not near house Davion.
So A. Week1: Would end up as Smoke Jaguar V Kurita. Kurita and SJ are now out of rotation.
A. Week 3: Jade Falcon V Clan wolf works, as they border each other.

B. Week1: Kurita is out of rotation, but davion was missed. So week 1 Would end up as Davion V Liao, both are again, now out of rotation.
Week3: Marik V Ghost Bear, Marik annd ghost bear do not border eachother. So It would switch to Ghost Bear V Rashalhague. Both are now out of rotation.

Factions left in rotation are.....Marik, Steiner, Nova Cat, Steel Viper, Diamond Shark
Clans are uneven with the sphere, so one clan or IS will always end up left out of the first round, and be first up for the next.
Nova Cat, Steel Viper and diamond shark share attack lanes with other clans. Steel Viper sharing with jade falcon, Nova Cat sharing with smoke jaguar, and assumingly diamond Shark sharing with ghost bear. This dictates borders for said clans.

So, C. Week1: IS V Clan, would end up as....Steiner V Steel Viper.
C. Week3: Clan V Clan, Nova Cat V Diamond Shark

Marik gets left out of rotation this time around, they are therefore next up, and the rotation resets.

So D. Week1: IS V IS, Marik Cannot fight davion, nor Kurita, they can however fight liao. This would end up as Marik V Liao
At this point, the IS map SHOULD look different, provided enough planets are contested at a time. But well keep going assuming the map hasnt changed.
D. Week3: IS V Clan, Davion cant fight a clan, as the map hasnt changed. Therefore....Next in line is Kurita, Kurita V Smoke Jaguar.

You see how this would work out if the map never changed, and how the list moves to accommodate for relative positions.

However, over the course, the map should change over time with these events, causing different factions to fight each other. If they also shorten conflict time, to every 3-4 hours, we would see the map change greatly over the course of these events. It may seem complicated, but its easy to keep track of with a simple line chart with the factions on each side. Print off a bunch of copies, take a look at the IS map, youv'e got your planned faction fight in under a minute. Another good thing to do, would be to re-establish faction specific borders, instead of just Clan V IS borders.

This also gives us faction themed sales.
So, when kurita goes up against smoke jaguar.
Kuritan and Smoke jaguar mechs/variants go on sale, as well as any bolt ons, decals, cockpit items, ect. This can also be made easily into a list, or even a pre-programmed bundle (if they so chose). Scan the list, put them on sale. Or, as a over-time saver, program it in, hit a button, bam. Everything on the kurita/SJ list is now on sale. Done.
Same with the sollaris events.

The purpose of this Idea is to get FP and sollaris moving,giving people a "reason" so to speak, that they feel they are fighting in FP, as well as keeping events flowing naturally on a timeline. Story elements could be included in the FP events, if PGI was so inclined.

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Posted 11 February 2019 - 10:19 AM

Get rid of the 10 probation matches for switching allegiance first.

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