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New Fighting Area Tactical Electromagnetic (Fate) Device

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#1 Frith


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Posted 18 February 2019 - 02:06 PM

I'd like to make a suggestion for a new Energy Weapon primarily useful for light mechs, the Fighting Area Tactical Electromagnetic (FATE) Device. Essentially, it's a large electromagnet that mounts on the center torso of a light mech. When activated, it causes the light to be magnetically attached to another mech if they are touching or brings them together if they're within just a meter or two.

A scout pilot skilled in use of the FATE could approach a larger mech from behind, touch jump jets, and become magnetically attached to the back of the other mech. There would have to be drawbacks, a high heat load for example, and I'd suggest the enemy would have to be in weapons lock for it to work.

This new weapon would give true meaning to the plea often heard during battle, "Someone get this light off of me!"

#2 D V Devnull


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Posted 20 February 2019 - 09:13 AM

I could see this used for Defensive Purposes, but NOT any Offensive Purposes. :huh:

Defensively, a Light Mech could Attach to the Rear CT of a Friendly Assault. Thus the Friendly Light could provide Rear-Side Weaponry that's individually managed by that Other Pilot in order to keep their Friendly Assault alive and protected for longer on the battlefields. This would be a good use, and would meet some ideas that others previously had about Assaults carrying the Light Mechs with them. It would even enable the Assault Pilot to get the Light Mech in close enough to help them with rapidly disrupting and taking out an Enemy Mech, and then detach to begin the two-way crossfire. :D

However, I would be solidly against any Offensive utilization of any kind where a Light Mech could latch itself on an Enemy Assault Mech. That would make it too easy for a Piranha or Mist Lynx to just sneak up and remain where it could kill an Assault without really having to risk anything until the Enemy Assault is dead. Ensured Auto-Death for the Enemy Assault Pilots is neither balanced nor something that can be allowed, as the Assault Mech Pilot is supposed to have at least some minor chance to fight back on their own against that nasty Light Mech which is harassing them. We don't need a ton of "That Light Mech could attach itself to me and kill me without my having any chance to know it was there before it was too late!" type of complaints flooding the MWO Community Forums for months on end. Also, when I'm not in an Assault, I'll still need them to have a fighting chance to hold off the Light Mech long enough for me to get there and protect them. If this device were available in an Offensive Design, then I would never get that chance for a "Savior Kill" Bonus which actually Requires TeamWork to earn. <_<

So, long and short... Safe Field Carrier Transport = Yes... Easy-Mode Assault Lunch for Light Mech = NO... I see where you wanted to go with this, but it really throws the Game Balance into a lop-sided state that too many would want reversed instantly. :mellow:

~Mr. D. V. "It could work in a Defensive Way, but should not be made in an Offensive Way." Devnull

#3 Horseman


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Posted 22 February 2019 - 05:33 AM

Equipment that doesn't exist in lore shouldn't exist in MWO. :)

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