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Omnimechs, Are They Too Weak Compared To Standard Battlemechs?

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#1 MechTech Dragoon


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Posted 13 May 2019 - 08:37 AM

So! Omnimechs. Generally, the ******** of the clan faction.
We love them, but compared to clan battlemechs....well most of the time they suck.

Not so much the clan omnis that have ferro and endo, these omnis are good and quite common to see. Were not really talking about the stormcrow, or the huntsman or the shadowcat here. These mechs are fine most of the time.

What we are talking about is the hellbringer, the summoner, the nova, the mad-dog, the dire-wolf, the executioner, warhawk, and gargoyle.

These mechs run into serious issues with loadout creation, due to the simple fact that they either A. have ferro-fibrous instead of endo-steel, the latter being superior or B. have neither, making the only thing functional on them large slot usage builds boating HS and the like.

Clan and IS are in a balance position that this could be looked into, and, if we want IS omnis in the future, this may HAVE to be looked into.
(XL engines on IS side need an adjustment as well, possibly using the ST heat spikes instead of ST death...which needs adjustment as well, but thats not the topic)

Its fine for omnimechs to have locked engines and some locked equipment dependent on omnipod. However, having locked structure and armor upgrades is too harsh on the mechs, generally its causing a large portion of omnimechs to play a back foot to standard battlemechs.

Loosen up armor and structure upgrade restrictions, leave the rest. This is a appropriate cost to increased customization, being locked in your engine and locked to HS location ect. is enough.

Next subject is omnipods themselves, specifically the "set" quirks.
I propose a change to this.

Part 1. Divide set quirks (reduce/move values where necessary) into....
Core Set "Legs, CT, head" This set will contain quirks flavored unique to the variant itself, things like Heat scale limit quirks and main variant quirks are kept to this set. (If there is no variation in hardpoints or gear between pods of the variant for these pods, no quirks are applied here)

Arms Set "RA, LA" This set contains quirks specific to the arms of the variant in question. I.E a summoner-primes arms have quirks in this set pertaining to LBX/PPC.

Shoulders Set" LT, RT" Same as arms, this set contains quirks specific to the side torsos of the variant in question. I.E a summoner primes missile quirks would be contained to this set.

The reasoning for this is the main reason for omnimech limitations is the ability to move hardpoints around, but you are penalized so heavily for doing so sometimes its almost not worth it, in which case it might as well be a battlemech.

The above gives a bit more flavor and strength to the customization of omnimechs.

And lastly....lets talk about the timberwolf. An omnimech that does have endo+ferro....but is in hurtin shape anyway.
She needs a buff, somewhere. Anywhere. Quirks for ST's, mobility boosts. The torso twist rate is horrible aaaand the ears are big unless you don't equip missiles.

#2 Y E O N N E


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Posted 15 May 2019 - 09:23 PM

Do they suck?

Most Omnis in this game have been good enough to be Div A meta at one point or another, even with the simultaneous existence of Clan BattleMechs. In 2019? Warhawk, Direwolf, Nova, Huntsman, Mist Lynx, Hellbringer, Ebon Jaguar, Linebacker, Blood Asp, Night Gyr? All at or near the top. 'Mechs like the Ice Ferret, Sunspider, Shadow Cat, Gargoyle, Mad Dog, Arctic Cheetah, and Summoner are regular niche picks.

The ones that have been shunned in the team game (read: not Solaris 7) are the Viper, Executioner, Cougar, Adder, Kitfox, Nova Cat, Black Lanner, and Mad Dog. Currently the Timber Wolf and Storm Crow are not popular, but that's only a minor agility tweak away from swinging back the other way again.

Really, not seeing enough to support the "Omnis suck vs. BattleMechs" blanket argument, here.

Edited by Y E O N N E, 15 May 2019 - 09:27 PM.

#3 GweNTLeR


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Posted 16 May 2019 - 01:55 AM

Omnimechs are fine, but I would really like to see "set of 2...7" quirks added.
Tinber is fine as a vomit mech. I would even go further and say that there is a somewhat decent working brawling build. It is also fine as a missile carrier.

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