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Game Of Thrones: The Moral Of The Story

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Posted 24 May 2019 - 08:49 PM

I have read a lot of the internet about why Game of Thrones is good or disappointing and it has become clear that most people did not get the "Moral of the Story".

Beware of those for whom you root to destroy in your name

or more commonly expressed:

If you root for someone to destroy others in your name or for your cause, THAT is the person you should beware.

This is meant for you to consider, and think about.

If you cannot consider, then I offer one additional hint or example.

People hate out of fear, out of the perception of being attacked.
When someone incites you to hate a person or group and root for their destruction with some accusation that they are attacking you, that is the definition of evil.

"they hate 'x' people", "they are 'x'ist", "they want to destroy 'your home'","they are taking away your choices and making them illegal" are all ways to make you feel attacked, incite hate, root for the destruction of...demonization.

Those who preach destruction in your name, are the most likely to be the problem.

Game of Thrones was about you deciding who to root for... and to beware that choice.

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