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The Legend Of Atlai

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Posted 02 June 2019 - 01:09 PM

Atlai or Atlases, one of the most enduring questions to this day. No, one of the most enduring metaphysical mysteries of all of our lifetimes.

Is the plural form of Atlas really Atlases? Or have all of you been lying to yourselves for years, just trying to protect yourself from the linguistical truth?

I cannot say, for I do not know the answer either.

I can only say for certainty that Atlai sounds way cooler, so I will continue to use it long after the legend has faded away.

But, before that legend fades completely, I will reveal a startling secret about the origin of Atlai, a truth none but two men know.

Now, all shall hear of the tale of Atlai.


It was on Forest Colony, the original, during the early days of MechWarrior Online's beta, circa 2012. Two men, best of friends as far as two strangers on TeamSpeak who met on the forums could be, were fighting for their lives in the colony of forests. One was a Jenner, the other a Hunchback, and they were both scouting ahead around the cave, looking for the enemy forces. As both 'mechs exited the cave, they saw before them not one, but two of the giant 'mech known as an Atlas. While who said what is lost to time, the utterances of those two friends are ingrained in my mind.

Friend 1: "Alright I'm exiting the cave, let's see if we got anything."

Friend 2: "Ok let me know what's up."

Friend 1: "Oh crap! They got two Atlai!"

Friend 2: "Damn, turn around, we can't do s*** to them... Wait, did you say Atlai? You mean Atlases?"

Friend 1: "Oh yeah whoops, I don't know why I said that. I got confused with cacti I think."

Friend 2: "... Atlai sounds better to be honest."

Friend 1: "Honestly though you're right."

And so, these two legendary men, who were also legendary founders, started a legend. The Legend of Atlai was born. I was one of those friends, and this is my story. But it is more than that, it is everyone's story. The story on how we all fought against the tyranny of boring English linguistics, and attempted to evolve as a species into something greater. We may have failed, we may have been beaten by people who actually know correct plural conjugation, but that did not mean we did not try.

So, march with me, march with me one last time. I call on you to paint your Atlai red, and type in chat "For Atlai!" at the beginning of each match. I will be doing this, but it is up to you if you will too.

We were the Brotherhood of Atlai, and even though we are all but gone, we will be remembered.

Also context to everybody who has no idea what I'm talking about: https://mwomercs.com...lases-vote-now/

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Posted 03 June 2019 - 12:42 PM


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