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Thoughts On The Movie Lords Of Chaos

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Posted 09 June 2019 - 01:36 PM

im gonna steal Kalimaster's schtick here for a minute.

in the age of overblown music biopics about bands i don't particularly like its nice to see one about one of the more underground bands that nobody has heard of from a genre that nobody really listens to. and considering the band is mayhem it also doubles as a pretty good slasher flick. with so much pc culture shoehorning itself into movies these days, its nice to have a movie with a bit different perspective.

didn't like that the movie more delved more into the conflict between varg and euronymous and less about the formation of the norwegian black metal scene. all the important people are there, but only as background. fenris delegated to beer runs and snorre present and given screen time and lines but not even named in the credits (varg's driver). scope of the movie in general was somewhat limited.

i found it oddly amusing that they cast a jewish actor to portray the anti-semitic varg. they have him as a poser trying to fit in but takes things way to seriously. would have liked to get into some more background for why he was the way he was.

i like how hellhammer was portrayed. a top notch drummer who just wants to be a drummer (and irl hellhammer is one of my favorite drummers in terms of raw energy and aggression). he doesn't want to get involved in any church burnings and is just there for the music. its subtle but its there. necrobutcher also had a 'wtf are you all doing?' moment before he quits the band.

i loved the performance of the actor that played dead. sort of always out of it unless there was a dead animal involved or when he was doing his legendary freezing moon performance. goes out in one of the most gruesome suicide sequences ive seen in any movie.

didn't much like how euronymous develops throughout the movie. he has a girlfriend in the movie that he never had irl, and seems to be growing up towards the end. seems rather out of character.

left out a lot of the aftermath. they fail to mention that mayhem is still an active band and that black metal had exploded beyond that point. would have liked there to be more music in it.

the morale of this story, the best i can come up with, are that knives are a really inefficient way to kill someone. id give it about 3/5 pig heads.

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Posted 11 June 2019 - 11:00 AM

Your not stealing my stick, your doing what I want you to do.

Simple really. The point of my posts are as a help guide, to help those who may have seen a movie in the past who may not know the name of a movie, and they would like to see the movie again, or even purchase said movie. Or on the other hand, may wish, or alternatively not see the movie.

Even if a few more individuals contribute, such as yourself now has, the baseline knowledge has spread. Posted ImagePosted Image. Thanks.


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