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Mwo Comp Switched To 12V12

comp 12v12 world champions

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#1 EXeCuToRPriME


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Posted 14 June 2019 - 09:32 AM

Listen to this perspective. Been building up a unit for a little over a year(Paragon Sect). We got to the point where we could start fielding 12 mans a couple nights out of the week. We have worked on and devised drop decks for 12mans utilizing innnersphere and clan tech, anything available. All of our strats and gameplay that we are used to are all 12v12. All moves, sniper nest, corners to anchor are all based on 12v12. If this years comp is based on 8v8 its really going put us out of our element.

Now I do know that the MWO Devs are trying to breathe new life, trying to switch it up, trying new things. For example last year is was all default configs. It was cool, worth trying, but I know I have worked so hard on testing and building configs myself, spent real money on it, I've been part of brainstorming sessions, It's a big part of the deck building experience. I think this idea continues to write itself if you catch my drift. Sometimes simple is better, why change it up, 12v12 is WHAT WE HAVE STRIVED FOR, for over the past year. It would be awesome to compete in worlds, 12v12 would really show off the hard work of some of these units. Please I would love to see a 12v12 comp. If they can field 8 they can field 12, especially if you have a weeks notice. If a unit can't field 12 players with a weeks notice then they have failed as a unit. Lets go out with a bang.

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#2 Prototelis


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Posted 09 October 2019 - 04:50 PM

Lol. You spent the better part of a year training your players to play skill eagles in GQ lololololololololol.

#3 Dar1ngOne


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Posted 13 October 2019 - 06:19 AM

I can see your point and you should count your luckiness that you have a proper team of 12.

As for me the 8 vs 8 with 12 slots is great. (4 spare slots)

It allows team mates to sub in and out. For example, my comp team has the next 16 qualifying matches on Thursday, and regretfully I will be at work. So, for me, the flexibility is a kin to a clan omnipod.

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