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Whirling Dervishes

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Posted 03 July 2019 - 03:37 PM

While initially I bought the Collector pack Dervish just because I like medium mechs and it being largely missile based I figured it would have some reasonably potent build options at 55 tons, after playing the three base mechs I liked them so much I bought the Frenzy and after watching Phil (NGNGtv) play the reinforcement Dervishes in the end I decided to upgrade to the Ultimate pack.

I'm still having fun with the Dervish and think it's a really nice mech for me. If you're unsure of what to put into the mech you can't go wrong with a dual MRM30 build (fits on any Dervish, though not ideal on the DV-7P due to the lack of torso missile hardpoints), but I want to show some other options that work for me (dual MRM30s is really solid though).

Base Pack:
DV-6M (2xLRM15, 4xML) Simple build, though if it doesn't have the missile rack skill nodes you might want to swap out the heatsink for one more ton of ammo. Dual MRM20s works fine as a drop-in replacement for the LRM15s.

DV-7D (Streak SRMs) Originally I ran the DV-7D with 6 SRM2s and a big XL engine as a light hunter, but I found being more of a defensive guard to your team's assaults works better for it and you can unload a bunch of damage to bigger mechs while having an assault's punch to finish the job that your streaks might find difficult. The build can ruin a light mech's day when you lock on to it though.

DV-8D (4xMRM10, 4xERML) This one's purely about aesthetics; it's a crime not to fill all four torso missile hardpoints on the DV-8D and Frenzy because of the triple missile bay doors. It's nothing new - MRMs and ERMLs are like peanut butter and jelly to a second line medium mech that has missile and energy hardpoints.

Reinforcement mechs:
DV-6Mr (6xMPL) A standard 6 MPL build with rocket launchers in there just to get the 20% missile bay door damage reduction for the torsos. The DV-6Mr works really well with dual MRM30s though, as it has a 10% missile cooldown quirk. The DV-6M build I listed above might work better in here too, as it trades the 10% missile spread quirk for 10% missile and 5% LRM cooldown.

DV-7P (2xPPC, 4xSRM2) I'm having a lot of fun with this build. I used to run a 'Thundernips' dual ER PPC Summoner poptart build so when I saw this I was thinking just to load it with a pair of ER PPCs and a bunch of heatsinks and jump jets and go to town, but during theorycrafting I saw four heatsinks was enough to cool a pair of PPCs with enough tonnage left over for some close range defense. It's been very effective doing the normal second line damage while still having a pretty serious punch when enemies get close.

FRENZY (8xSRM4) This build brings impressive firepower, but eight SRM4s are a neon sign to the enemy that it's an XL engine. Leave the bay doors closed until you need them and when you get hot just fire the arm missiles so the bay doors will close and you'll have your damage reduction to protect the XL engine. Incredibly potent if you catch someone off guard, and with quad SRM4s in the arms using the verticality of some maps will have you firing a potent strike against enemies who have little to no answer to your damage.

In conclusion, I really like the Dervish. It looks nice from the outside, the cockpit is really nice, the triple bay doors looks cool (I kind of wish the rest of the Dervishes opened like the Frenzy and DV-8D, though not doing so makes those two mech more special in my mind), it's got nice maneuverability around the battlefield, and being a 55 ton mech means it has the durability to cover for a mistake or two.

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