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Posted 07 October 2019 - 03:15 PM

Recently I've seen the following somewhere around:

[color="#009933"]"Due to unconstructive topic, this thread has been closed. Information on reporting in-game or forum misconduct can be found at"[/color]

There was a small thread opened by a guy, who wanted to quit the game, or something. There wasn't anything special going on, just puns on OP, who quit the game too often. The reason to close the thread was "unconstructive thread" or something.

So, I want to ask PGI to not do such things. I played a lot of mmo-games and I've seen a lot of communities. And one of the reasons I stay with this game is: it has very lively and nice official forum. For example the opposite for it will be a forum thread for Gaijin games. They will close your thread right after any semi-useful answer from anyone hits it. At first, maybe, they saw it as the way to fight toxicity, but it ended up being just extremely hostile to anyone posting. Overall, I don't like "community management" I hope it will never spoil this forums.

Maybe I'm overreacting, but I just want to mention, that you, PGI, doing a great job for your community by not trying to actively "manage" it, and I do enjoy it. Thank you for it.

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