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Mwo Comp Championship Series 2019 Update

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Posted 03 November 2019 - 06:51 PM

MWO Comp Championship Series 2019 Update

Which teams are out of the MWO Comp Championship Series 2019 after the Semi-finals round 1?

Strana Mechty Team [SM T] (EU)

SM T won their first-round 2-1 which pushed Ghosts of Nox into the losing bracket, only to come up again the powerhouse of EU, EON Synergy. Despite having an excellent showing on the first drop, Alpine Peaks, where SM T nearly clutched a win against the current World Champions they ended up going down 0-2.

Moving down to the losers bracket they were outgunned by 31st Hussar Regiment 1-2 who were out to prove themselves after being beaten by CXFF first round.

Ghosts of Nox [G-NX] (NA)

Newcomers to the comp scene G-NX went out in straight sets 1-2 to Strana Mechty and Clan Crossfit. They showed promise taking one drop win over both teams and should only get better with more competitive experience.

Tons of Rust [12TR] (EU)

12TR had one of the hardest first-round draws, with their first game going down 0-2 against the 1st Jaguar Guards. Subsequently, they played Russian League 33 [RL33] and lost 1-2 in a match that could be described as the upset of the round.

MWO Comp Championship Series 2019 semi-final fixtures

Week 3 Games -

AP TIME 9/11/19

Knockout Game 6 - RJF Eyrie [EU] vs Clan Crossfit (AP) TIME 21:00 AEDT / 10:00 UTC(Servers NA)

EU Time 9/11/19

Progress Game 1 -228th Black Watch (NA)vs Russian Jade Falcon [EU] 1800 UTC (Servers NA,EU,NA) ( date and time in review)

Progress Game 2 - EON Synergy [EU]V Smoke Adders (NA) 1845 UTC (Servers EU,NA,EU)

Knockout Game 3 - Kell’s Commandos (NA) V 31st Hussar Regiment (EU) 19:15 UTC (Servers NA,EU,NA)

Progress Game 5 - EmpyreaL (NA) vs Phoenix Legion [EU] 20:00 UTC
(Servers NA,EU,NA)

NA Time 9/11/19

Knockout Game 4 - COMSTAR Postal Service (NA) vs 228th Dark Riders (NA) 21:00 EST (01:00 Sunday UTC (Servers NA)

VODS of Week 2

NA Timezone Games
EU Timezone Games
228 V 228 Thursday Fun Day

How can you help?

Would you like to support the MWO Comp Championship Series 19, you can do it in the following ways

Sub or cheer to https://www.twitch.tv/mwoleagues

Donate to the prize pool here https://matcherino.c.../18470/overview

Offer your services to the Admin team - PM Live1991 for more info on Discord

Check out the marketplace on Matcherino, for community-driven content that might interest you.If anyone in the community wishes to donate some of their time or creations to the prize pool please contact me. (live1991)


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