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I'm Playing Stock Configs

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Posted 23 January 2020 - 01:10 AM

For me stock means stock, no change whatsoever (armor, weapons, engine, heatsinks, ammo, equipment, shs/dhs and all other upgrades remain unchanged), the only thing you may change, is the weapons grouping, and camo perhaps.

For super-stock, you could change the following,
- SHS>DHS, STD>half FF/FF armor, STD > Endo Steel upgrades (only upgrades, no downgrades)
- increase amounts of ammo/heatsinks (decrease not allowed)
- armor increase / change front/rear proportion (decrease in total armor points disallowed)
- change engine type (you can change between STD<>XL<>LTE), increase the engine rating if you wish (but no decrease in engine rating is allowed)
- adding existing type of weapons which is already mounted in the stock loadout by utilizing unused hard-points (say the stock loadout has 3 MPLs, you add 1 making it 4 MPLs total), no removal/modifications to existing weapons is allowed
- fitting consumables
- adding jjs or other equipment (no removals allowed)

The main purpose of "super-stock" is to utilize available empty slots on the stock loadlout (changing to FF/Endo-steel, trading unused slots to available tonnage), using those free tonnage for improved performance, without changing the fighting style of the stock loadout, just my 2 cents.

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