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Finished Jj5 Mod

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Posted 15 February 2020 - 12:08 PM

I finished moding JJ Class 5. I used the technical manual, 10 second tabletop rounds, 30m per hex, and real world physics to make the JJ work correctly--Used a building resizer to make the JJ vertical height correct. I am not sure gravity can be globally adjusted in the game as the current fall rate is about half of what it should (using physics calculation) and as a result making mechs floaty. If I can't find a global gravity mod then these values may have to be adjusted but it currently works great in the editor. I don't really get the packing process currently, after that is clearer I my post on Nexus mods once I finish all the JJ and see if I need to retool for in games weak 5.0m/s2 gravity.

Ascent burn 2.0 sec to reach goal vertical height (seems harder to shoot)
Descent burn (avoid damage) 1.0 sec
Total burn time 3.0 sec (I decided this was better than removing fall damage)
Post bun arch 0.5 sec
Descent time 2.8 sec (default was 5 seconds at default gravity)
Total Flight time 5.3 sec

Land lag time 0.5 sec
Regen time 4.2 sec
Time between jump 10.0 sec (= 1 turn in TT)

Vert height of jump (2 sec burn) = 80m (based on TT jump for 8JJ is 8 * 10 = 80m)
Horizontal jump from stationary = 240m (based on TT jump for 8JJ is 8 * 30 = 240m)
Running Horiz distance = 350m (no TT rules)

JumpJet_Class5_Equipment file changes
Initial velocity 0.0
Burn time 3.0 (2.0 for burn 1.0 to land)
Regeneration time 4.2

Jumpjet heat curve (8JJ = 1LL = 8 heat) kept the curve the same as already matched

Set JJ1 =750
Set JJ10 = 3000

Set JJ1 = 560
Set JJ10 = 3170

Set world gravity default (I found where global gravity is stored but can't edit so I gave up on this)

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Posted 15 February 2020 - 12:17 PM

The above mode changes the following

vertical velocity increases from 22.9 m/s (82 kph) to 40 m/s (144 kph)
horizontal velocity increases from 14.4 m/s (52 kph) to 45.5 m/s (163kph)

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