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Bitchin' Betty For The Car.

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Posted 21 February 2020 - 10:48 AM

If your significant other is near their breaking point with all your giant robot nonsense, this ought to be the terminal nudge: Bitchin' Betty's startup sequence every time the car starts.

My knowledge of electronics is limited to soldering together kits from Banggood, some of which actually end up working. However, it seemed to me that it shouldn't be too difficult to kludge a sound module that would activate automatically when the key is turned in the ignition. No one was more surprised than me when the thing worked on the first test.

I used the WayinTop Sound Module (from Amazon--no, I am not an affiliate and get no compensation), spliced on a surplus USB Type A plug to the battery leads and flashed the sound file linked multiple places elsewhere in this forum [Classic or MWO Betty--your choice]. I used the freeware program Audacity to add five seconds at the beginning of the recording, to give all of my thirteen year old Subaru's other beeps and belches time to subside. The entire cost of the project, not including solder and shrink-sleeves, is under 15 USD.

The WayinTop module seemed to be the easiest to work with for this application. Many similar units use battery holders on the PCB (printed circuit board). Instead, I wanted to use my car's electrical system and the already installed cigarette lighter adapter with USB to get it down to 5V. [see NOTES at the end of this post for a couple minor tips.]

The sound quality is not great; it's better than those annoying greeting cards and about equal to some toys (See the video linked below). Another option would be to remove the speaker, attach a mini jack and route the signal through the car radio's AUX port but, for now, this setup is quick and easy. The next iteration may be to connect a miniature FM transmitter and find an unused frequency.

Below is the prototype in place with no attempts at concealment.

If anybody with an electronics background has any suggestions for improvements in the design or construction, such would be welcomed. If I can clarify anything, let me know. I deny all responsibility for any potential effects on your relationships or your reputation.

WayInTop Sound Module

Posted Image

Modified Sound Module

Posted Image


Posted Image

Bitchin' Betty

  • The WayinTop Sound Module comes with a Chinese pop song already flashed. Delete this when you upload your Betty file.
  • You may need to convert the raw Betty sound file to mp3. Use Audacity or one of the free online converters for this.
  • The WayinTop Sound Module has options for how audio files are played, e.g., single play, sequential play, loop, etc. With the button removed and the leads spliced, there is no need to change the configuration of the resistors which control this function. The Betty Startup Sequence file will play once and stop, until the next time the unit is powered up.
  • If your USB plug's power wires aren't, like the one I used, conveniently colored red and black, a simple continuity test with a multimeter will identify them. The other two wires are not used and can be left cut off.

Have fun, nerds.

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Posted 25 February 2020 - 04:24 PM


If you can find the manual for the vehicle radio and it's identified rear plug in ports, there's one for an "aux" device.
- your only using a mono channel, but may be worth the effort to check those pin ports.
- There's also a power port located within the sound systems pins, to completely hide the unit away.

That should about drive the significant other completely over the edge as they will not be able to just unplug it.

Try that at your own risk, significant other, not the vehicle. Good luck.

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