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Thoughts On The Movie Detective Pikachu

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Posted 22 May 2020 - 10:28 AM

Detective Pikachu

PG 2019

The movie starts out with a boy without a Pokémon to call his own. When he gets a phone call that his dad has been killed, he goes to Ryme City for answers. While looking over his dads apartment he finds a vial of glowing purple liquid that gives off a gas that makes any Pokémon that happens to inhale it's fumes hostile. Linking up with his dads Pikachu (and can hear the electric mouse speak - voice done by Ryan Reynolds), Tim Goodman heads out to solve the mystery. At a fighting ring Pikachu takes on a Charizard but can't remember how to use any Pokémon powers. Tracking the purple liquid dubbed R to a hidden lab, he discovers that it comes from Mew 2.

Suitable for most everyone, although has some peril and suggestive language. I may be biased, because at one time I played Pokémon and collected cards. OKAY I ADMIT IT! I HAD LOTS OF FREAKING CARDS! HAPPY NOW! Sorry, had to get that out of my system (An Oddish made me do it.)

So yes, I would recommend this movie for some light entertainment.

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