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Alpha Lance Spawn Is A Death Sentence

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#1 Typhlon


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Posted 20 June 2020 - 09:42 AM

The issue is primarily in Domination (Canyon Network and also Hibernal Rift, though to a slightly lesser extent), where the Assaults and Heavies in Alpha Lance on the south team spawn way off in the E3 corner with no way to link up with the team without backtracking through F4 (by which point the entire team has left you behind) or climbing up into the open (which can only be done with jump jets or by awkwardly ziggzagging up a cliff) to be shot by the entire enemy team while you cross to D4/E4. Almost *every single game* at least two members of Alpha Lance, if not the entire lance, get killed by lights or die trying to cross because there is no possible way to link up with the team in getting to the point that doesn't either leave you isolated for over a minute or force you into the wide open in front of the entire enemy team, again, alone. Moving up through D3 isn't remotely an option as you will walk headfirst into the entire enemy team. This is made vastly worse by the pug tendency to nascar straight to the middle and leave no support whatsoever to the stragglers.

I'm a veteran player and typically do very well in the average game, yet I consistently get murdered early if I end up Alpha Lance south side because there is no way to escape it without friendly support which *never* comes. Either bunch the spawns closer, make an easier path between E3 and E4, or put Alpha Lance in the E5 space where they can get to the action and put Charlie Lance in the E3 space where they can play the west or link up with the team without being swarmed by every medium and light on the north side for free. It's immensely frustrating being killed in the first minutes nearly every game on this map, and it's an issue that I have never once faced being on the north team.

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#2 Black Caiman


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Posted 22 June 2020 - 12:53 PM

I know where youre talking about, and yes its not ideal, but I definitely haven't had the same experience with "consistently" getting killed in a heavy or assault from that spawn point. If youre in a Dire Wolf or Anni youre probably screwed, but anything that can do 60 or so youre probably ok. I just wiggle my way up that cliff, cross the little stretch of high ground, jump down underneath the bridge, and continue toward the middle. Its not fool-proof, and you can certainly still get caught out, but I find that doesn't happen all that often. A good team would help cover your approach, but I know that's not guarantee. So yes, I agree its a crappy spot to start as an assault or slow-heavy, but its not a death sentence by any means. Tourmaline has a similar crappy dropzone where they dump assaults out in the open to be feasted upon by long range weapons. So yeah their are some growing pains with the new queue and its drop zones.

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