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When The Power Supply Suddenly Switches Off: Load Peaks Of Graphics Card And Cpu

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#1 Thorqemada


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Posted 13 January 2021 - 04:22 AM

"The fact that graphics cards cause considerable load peaks I could already prove impressively 6 years ago for the first time – including all the resulting problems and measures for the power suppliers. In the meantime, a lot has been done, of course also in the interest of the end customers. And yet, there are always situations where a power supply unit that is actually nominally sufficiently dimensioned unexpectedly switches off. But to blame this solely on the graphics cards seemed a bit too short-sighted to me. Incidentally, I’m deliberately focusing on the 12-volt rails today, because that’s the only place the problem will occur."
When the power supply suddenly switches off: Load peaks of graphics card and CPU measured together and counter-tested with power supplies | Basics & Practice | igor´sLAB

Video (German):
Plötzliche Netzteil-Abschaltung? Lastspitzen von GPU und CPU aufgedeckt - AMD, NVIDIA und Intel! - YouTube

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#2 General Solo


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Posted 15 January 2021 - 11:52 PM

I have always used slighty oversized power supplies with a good rail configuration
Rock solid
I don't remember crashes, they rare

In my i7 10700K with a 1080 non Ti, 3 SSD's and 3 HHD's and a Blueray Disc Burner/Reader, Mouse/Keyboard, Head Tracker and USB 4G Mobile Phone Thethering...
...I use a 700 Watt Power Supply

Also I run a bunch of USB stuff like HOTAS and Mic but use a USB Powered Hub for that

If its unstable got to boast the juice enough so the system is rock solid stable but not too much so you stay as close as possible to the efficiency sweet spot of the power supply

That how I work it coz I'm less technical.
My ship is Plug n Pray
Judo Technical tap

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