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Add Overview Of Competitors In Queue


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#1 LittleMik


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Posted 31 January 2021 - 03:59 AM

Hey Devs,

is it possible to add an overview in solaris in which we can see the number of competitors waiting for each division?
Currently it is very annoying to click through all divisions to see if there is someone playing.

Or implement an option to get ready for more than one division (like region selection in quick play) to get matches a little bit faster.
(Sequence of checkboxes would be the priority in case of multiple possible opponents...)


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#2 Fae Puka


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Posted 02 February 2021 - 08:44 AM

Mode is dead in the water, PGI has acknowledge this and that the focus of development will be elsewhere. So, not going to happen would be the best bet for this request.

#3 LittleMik


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Posted 02 February 2021 - 10:23 AM

Maybe you are right.
I hope you are not, ... ;-)

At least the overview shouldn't mean a lot of effort.
Sometimes it only takes a comparatively small amount of effort to achieve something better. Even if there are just a few more participants in Solaris. As soon as a certain threshold is exceeded, more Mechwarriors will participate again.

Especially when waiting times are reduced. Waiting times have a huge impact in my oppinion...

#4 Pharmb0y


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Posted 12 July 2022 - 11:36 AM

Yep, as a solid tier 4-5 player I grew tired very quickly of waiting 10 minutes to get stomped in 45 seconds on a regular basis, as fun as it was, I would rather jump into quick-play as I enjoy the shorter wait and the team dynamic (such as it is in quick play) more than the one-on-one. I wish faction play were more popular for the times when I have time for a 30-minute run.

Maybe if it were scheduled for units and pugs to show up at certain times, rather than trying to PUG a random Faction battle... Then people could try to join a faction and show up at that time and be matched for battles, and enough would be there to have battles during, say a 3-4 hour window several times a week at different times of the day, and maybe the scouting could be for the 2 hours prior so there would be real albeit slight advantages given to the scouting winner's side... Let it run for a month and winners get a little bonus.

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