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2D20 Hiring New Scrappers!

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#1 Yuntow


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  • CS 2023 Top 25 Qualifier
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Posted 27 May 2021 - 03:08 PM

Greetings and Well Met!

I represent the community that is Yuntoinians United, or better known as 2d20!

We are a fan base for the MechWarrrior Universe and of all things nerdy.

Originally the unit was made as a way for my viewers to meet with one another. Since our founding, we have continued to expand. Attracting pilots from every part of the know universe.

Pilots who seek the challenge of victory!
Pilots who reflect on the pains of loss!
Pilots who are just looking for a home away from home.

We are looking for more. Rather you be a Mektek, Clanner, Freebirth Mercenary, or even a gorgeous pirate, we want you!

Whether you be competitive or casual, as the unit grows, so shall you!

The unit will require help from everyone who joins. Either you will help foster in more of the community while sailing through space. Or you shall keep each others back while on tthe ground!

Consider 2d20 a place to call home!

*Unit Lore* Yuntow was a planet left to fend for itself in the Deep Periphery.. The Yuntonians lost contact with anyone from the Inner Sphere so it was eventually lost and forgotten. Thankfully, the planet was terrestrial in nature. Maybe the air was thinner in some parts of the world. And yeah, maybe the water had some hallucinogenic effects...but it was home. What helped the world stay united was their love for paper dice games. Many famous books and scribes became historic in their reverence. Some spoke of shadow runners fighting against big corporates tyranny. Some spoke of great eldritch horrors at the end of one's mind eye. However, the great Dreams & Deeds book kept everyone together more than anything. To the point where 2 twenty sided dice were generally found as necklaces by many of the populous.

Some of this changed when the firsts pirate arrived. Bandit caste.. Rejected pilots from the Clanner's way of life. However, instead of conflict Yuntow became a place of refuge for these roving pirate troupes. That is how Yuntow became a safe house for all those deemed unworthy. They say that all that pass through, are incorporated into the Yuntoinian United. Finally, the people of Yuntow had the ability to have those adventures they played through so often.. See stars and defeat foes across all horizons.

It is dangerous go out alone, choose us?

*Points Of Contact*

Unit Discord

Talk to the recruiter

Toxic behavior is not tolerated. (racial slurs, homophobic behavior, generally don't be cringe)
Be active as much as feasible. Life is all consuming, and this is meant to be a fun distraction. However challenging it might be.

#2 spectrumG502


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  • Ace Of Spades
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Posted 11 June 2021 - 12:06 AM

Are you still taking on new pilots? I am interested to join a unit.

Been playing close on 2 years now - Game name SpectrumG502

I prefer piloting lights but, I can fit in any class if so required

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#3 Yuntow


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  • CS 2023 Top 25 Qualifier
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Posted 18 June 2021 - 11:08 AM

Hey there spectrum6502!

Find us in the discord or in game. We are happy to run with different pilots and see if us playing together is a mutual fit. =)

#4 IndgoMan


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Posted 13 September 2021 - 07:19 PM

Looking for casual to comp players - currently have played over 70 games and are within the top 40 teams. contact Yuntow, indgoman,rickrollah or hiten bongz for more details.
[color=#EFEFF1] Our discord linkall welcome to come and play regardless of recruitment. https://discord.gg/6dbUeNs [/color]

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