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Incursion Mission Type Is Pointless

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#1 Jyaksus


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Posted 27 July 2021 - 03:07 PM

Played Incursion on this map, and I was excited to see the enemy hole up in their base because it meant my dropping in a Locust was actually useful, as it allowed me to ferry objective resources for most of the game.

About the time my team was up 5 kills to their 0 kills, and had all 3 objectives active at once, I figured to make a push and try to eliminate the enemy. Our team wound up winning, but I died in the push (Locust, after all)

My complaint here is that I focused on the objectives, dropping in the lightest, most fragile mech in the game, this was absolutely doing my job.

Despite my focus, at the end of a victorious mission where the objectives were instrumental in our success, my rating went down.

I'm pretty annoyed. I know rating really doesn't matter, but essentially, I was punished for playing the mission the way the rules imply that I ought to have. PUNISHED for doing my job. I understand that matchmaking being flexible is more important than fair matchmaking, and the Locust is also a CHEAP mech, so I'm to be PUNISHED just for using it, at least as far as my rating is concerned, as I am constantly compared against people who did what they are obviously supposed to do, and drop only in mechs that easily score high damage high kill games.

I shouldn't even consider objectives or low firepower mechs, as the game is designed to prevent us from using them. But that said, this Locust came with the Project Phoenix pack, which I paid real money for, and not being able to ever use it without my rating suffering, is pretty unfair.

What gives?

#2 Ludo22


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Posted 29 July 2021 - 03:37 PM

The game is notoriously bad at awarding points for anything other than damage and kills. I think it helps when you have components destroyed but capping objectives, tagging or narcing in a light mech, ferrying resources, and anything else that is extremely useful but doesn't cause direct damage will have the same issue.

Winning also gives you a large boost. You can play well but end up on losing teams for a few games and have your score go down. Luckily, the only thing that matters is whether you have fun doing things that don't directly help your score.

#3 Aidan Crenshaw


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Posted 20 August 2021 - 01:50 AM

Well, last time I checked, picking up and delivering energy cells is rewarded quite nicely in CBills and EXP (you know, the true rewards). If you wouldn't have died afterwards and could have supported the fight better, your score would have been even better.

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