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Request — Add A Thumbs-Up Emoji!


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Posted 31 July 2021 - 01:57 AM

Hello to those at PGI who happen to be Forum Administrators!!! :)

Recently, on another Topic that happens to be totally not related to this, I was giving one of your coworkers (Mark Nicholson) a bit of positive encouragement in hope to see them push forward with more good things. As it happened, I did mention to them that I would have posted with a "Thumbs-Up Emoji" if it were possible to do so. Which of course brings me here, the place to request such things as having a "Thumbs-Up Emoji" to use in posts on these Forums in the future. Pretty much any other online boards/forums that I have been on happened to have the "Thumbs-Up Emoji" as an option to use, and so I ended up thinking we're way overdue for having it here on the MWO Forums as well. ^_^

And thus, my question... May we please have a "Thumbs-Up Emoji" for everyone on MWO's Forums to enjoy and use? If not a general one, then may we please have a "Mech-Hand-Themed Thumbs-Up Emoji" for everyone to enjoy and use? :D

~D. V. "wishes for everyone to have a 'Thumbs-Up Emoji' on MWO's Forums for use & enjoyment" Devnull

(p.s.: There could even be one as a Decal for players' Mechs to use. I wonder if I should go start a thread about that?)

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