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Why Have Chat At All?

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#1 FearThePaladin


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Posted 01 August 2021 - 06:32 PM

Seems to me that players are being banned left and right because of chat. I have to say that I have faced my share of chat abuse both text and voice. I do not recall reporting 1/100th of the people who were a bit salty after I managed to "kill" them in MWO. I sometimes am a bit salty myself and gracefully most of the community seems to ignore those few outbursts.

Yet people seem to think that I should drive my mech full tilt into everyone else line of fire just so that I "Act" like an assault. Which I have taken to mean, push die and let others clean up. Well thanks to the way the "Tiers" are done now and the nerf of HG to 5 seconds between shots. I cannot do as you ask.. so salt it up...

That said...

My point here is that short of an actual threat to kill me in the real world.... Who cares what you say. Add salt... be rude.. be mean... I can always just mute you. I would like to of course have a mute that is permanent for a player rather than having to mute you each match.

Why am I bringing this up? Because of YOU.. you know who you are. The self righteous player that acts like you have never given salt then reports someone for being salty. Yea... You...

Now the current game owners have put out terms of service and you the player, feels the need to be the enforcer because you got a little salt pushed your way and you ignore your own salt.

I am tired of seeing good players banned...

Look if you are so small a person as too take offense at being called a lady... a man.. a gerbil.. then you really should go find a game that is not about killing people...

If someone gives you salt man / woman up and just move on to the next match. I apologize to people who deserve it and hopefully am not "Toxic". Yet like everyone we all have good days and bad ones. Some of us find a line to die on because you really should not ban people for salt... its just silly... Add a feature to permanently mute someone. Yea I am talking to you PGI or whoever now owns the IP to this game. It would solve a lot, its not like stream sniping or modifying the game so you headshot all the time.. its salt.

I am not trying to take it too the developers here but its a small player base. Do you really want to lose players who have been on the game for YEARS? They have friends and like a recent -42 guy they are willing to put out a line and say if you cross it they are done. These are good players. Me I have certainly deserved a ban here and there but players that I salted too were as salty and pushed back. We had our whatever and moved on... we self regulated and continued on the game.

I would suggest (I really mean suggest) PGI take a hard look at some of these bans and if chat abuse is so bad that people that have been on 8 years get a perma ban then maybe either put in a permanent mute for plays to opt for and ignore the salt or just get rid of chat all together. (PS. I know you wont take out chat).

Last point I am making is this...

Its bad for a game to ban players for salt... even if it does lead to high blood pressure. If you really want to solve this then allow the players to self regulate and perma mute people.

Unban those that added too much salt to their daily kill and show that you are in for all players, not just those that have your ear because of this or that.

Yea... I am a Paladin... I know I have done many a wrong and to those I have.. I do honestly apologize. You see our mechs are robots... I am not and when I do wrong, well I atone to my god.. (Sorry PGI thats not you... well not until your game becomes sentient and takes over the world).

If you read to the end of this LONG thread thanks... I just would like to see all players who salted back... Yea even the ones I REALLY want to take my hammer too (that's Thor's hammer or heavy gauss) Not real life anything...

PGI... be a good game owner and think outside o the box and see if there is a better solution to the banning that I have seen lately. that or like the 42 guy... I may find myself putting a line out there that when you cross it... I will go and find another game to drop the hammer from..



#2 Capt Deadpool


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Posted 01 August 2021 - 06:40 PM

Well said, Paladin.

And for those who don't know, long-time vet Flynn of 42nd is no longer with us for reasons that cannot be named.

Edited by Capt Deadpool, 01 August 2021 - 06:43 PM.

#3 LordNothing


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Posted 04 August 2021 - 01:29 PM

honestly when i see people get banned for run of the mill lively banter that comes with online games, it makes me question whether or not my account will be up tomorrow. which in turn makes me question whether or not i want to buy the next thing. if my stuff can be deleted because some gatekeeper doesn't like my flavor of lively banter, then whats the bloody point of buying anything?

i can understand when somone is being a troll or making it a point to offend people, or spewing hate speech or threats. but when somone greets people, and its considered toxic by the moderation staff, that is going way to far. lively banter is part of games, has been since games existed, and will always be. should always be. if you want the game to be marketable to hypersensitives perhaps an opt in swear filter or permanent mute for offending players. that way they can wrap themselves in bubblewrap and go to their safe space without impinging on our gaming experience.

if a player is an entitled snowflake who throws their controller the second they lose and then proceeds to throw a temper tantrum, perhaps those players lack the maturity to play video games in the first place. yet were letting those kind of players dictate what we can and cannot say. that's not good for the gaming community, and that's not good for the bottom line either. if you are going to enable these kinds of players then perhaps thats not something i want to support.

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