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The Silverstar Bounty Hunters Are Recruiting!

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Posted 01 May 2022 - 09:37 AM

The Silverstar Bounty Hunters are recruiting!

The SSBH are a small, independent mercenary unit formed in November of 2021.
We have a strong sense of community with a family-like atmosphere. We like the feeling of “everyone knows everyone” and always having someone to play with, despite our size.
We were founded on the basis of the acquiring of new technology and funds, hence why we are Bounty Hunters (and mercenaries). If there are free Mechs, MC or C-Bills to grab, you will hear it from us first and we will be there to claim it.

Quick overview over the unit:
  • Focus: Having fun in Quick Play and occasionally Faction Play. We are playing casually to enjoy ourselves and our time together, not to sweat off our asses or be the most hardcore guys around. We do step into Competitive, but only very rarely.
  • Languages: English, but also some German.
  • Time Zones: Any, but with focus on European afternoon to evening. Play times and availability are not set and are variable.
  • Recruitment Process: Very little, just play a few matches with members of the unit and get approved by a higher ranking officer which can officially add you to the unit.
  • Platform: Discord Server (link down below)
Here is our unit trailer:

To be invited into the SSBH, just be a chill person. Be friendly, respect others, have fun while playing. Do you know the feeling of “someone being a nice guy (or girl)”? That is what we are looking for. It should come naturally, no need to prove anything. That is also why we want to play a few matches and have a talk with you beforehand, just to get to know you. In general, if you feel intrigued by our unit and do apply, you will most likely fit here.
It is not a problem if you are a new or returning player, we have some of them already and are very keen on helping you!

Our unit does have a few ranks, most of which provide no real benefit and are just a goal to strive towards. You can rank up by completing various ingame challenges to provide you with motivation and, well, a challenge. If you have administrative or other special skills, you might get promoted to an admin role to help out with organizing the unit.
In the future, we plan on hosting a multitude of events inside the SSBH, such as special private matches, tournaments or even custom game modes.
Though our focus lies on MWO, we also play other games set in the BattleTech universe such as the MechWarrior series, HBS BattleTech, or MegaMek.
We are currently working on expanding our already rich lore about the SSBH. It is written by members of the unit and serves as a foundation for our unit in the BattleTech universe. Our goal is to make the unit a plausible fanfiction part of the universe. To achieve this, we have noted down the key points of the SSBH, as well as details like approximate personnel count, command structure and equipment. We are also working on in-universe personas for our members and some coherent stories featuring those characters.

If we peaked your interest, or if you have any questions, contact us through:

Discord Server: https://discord.gg/XMcz3dX9xF
Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube....OmIVQw/featured

See you on the battlefield!


Founder and Star Commander of the SSBH

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