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Thoughts On The Movie Shockwave

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Posted 13 June 2022 - 01:34 PM


A pair of AI killer robots goes on a rampage.

The movie starts out with a small group of people being hunted down and getting lasered by a robot that looks like Doctor Octopus built. They then manage to crate the thing up and stick it onto a plane. Bad mistake.
To complicate things, a trio of thieves takes off in a helicopter with a pilot during a storm, and everybody ends up on the same island. Well the robots steal the helicopter as the military arrives with a laser designed to take the robots down. Don't work so well either. Eventually they managed to defeat one robot and the other gets zapped by lightning and squished by a radio tower.

Not the best special effects, plot, or acting. However if it's late at night and need to kill some time this movie just might be what the doctor ordered. Just to expect anything to give you a "WoW" feeling. Some violence and a touch of gore. Not really spooky, just old fashioned sci-fi fun. Best watched on a black and white T.V., looks a lot better that way.

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