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Clan Star Adder International Recruitment

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#1 Hayek Lahiri


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Posted 21 June 2022 - 06:12 PM

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Go, Star Adder,

You are the stalker, the hunter, the killer

Your prey stands before you;

Show them the way

Of the true warrior.

Who are we?

Clan Star Adder International (CSAI) is a brand new MechWarrior Online community that consists of friendly players with a variety of skill levels themed around the Star Adders aiming to extend into Faction Play. CSAI strives to inject lore into the confines of MWO. Upon joining Clan Star Adder, you are given the rank of 'Sibko' and must pass the initial Trial of Position to gain the rank of ‘Warrior’.

CSAI is looking for players of all skill levels for the 9th Adder Assault Cluster. CSAI operates at UTC−07:00. We mainly playing in the evenings, but all time zones are welcomed. Age is not restricted, but we expect all warriors to be mature and respectable.

9th Adder Assault Cluster - Truscott's Might (North America)

The first of the galaxies to be formed in the Star Adder touman under Khan Absalom Truscott, Alpha Galaxy reflects the ancestry of Clan Star Adder. From Operation Klondike to the absorption of Clan Burrock. They are the Adder’s showpiece unit and the first to be sent into battle. Alpha Galaxy’s highlighted force is the 9th Adder Assault Cluster. This formation is composed of heavy and assault mechs including the feared and venomous Blood Asp.

During the Burrock Absorption, Alpha’s 9th Adder Assault Cluster hot dropped onto the Burrock capital of Albion alongside Beta and Adder Command galaxies while Gamma and Delta assaulted Priori with Tau. As the cluster’s aerospace fighters wore down Clan Burrock’s forces, the 9th Adder Assault broke through, eradicating the Burrock’s 105th Rapier and the 91st Hussar Clusters and allowing the Adders to kill both Khans of Clan Burrock. While the initial invasion was leaning in the Adder’s favor it wasn’t till the intervention of Clan Blood Spirit that the tide began to resist. During this time, the 9th suffered heavy losses through a defensive measure of Adder Command from a heavy assault from the Blood Spirits’ Alpha Galaxy. At the end of the absorption, the cluster had earned respect amongst the Adder and Burrock ranks.

If CSAI interests you, please join our Discord and talk to Hayek (Hai-Ek).


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#2 Osis


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Posted 14 October 2022 - 07:09 PM

Noice !

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