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Unable To Log In


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#1 Dr Cara Carcass


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Posted 23 June 2022 - 10:59 AM

As the title says - unable to log in.

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#2 Proditus


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Posted 23 June 2022 - 03:04 PM

Ditto, I was getting the servers are undergoing maint. message. I wasn't even able to get onto the mwomercs sight for a good bit. I flushed DNS, changed provider for DNS, restarted several times etc etc... I uninstalled and reinstalled and am now getting a network error, please check my connection line going. I'm seeing a ping to Indy at 3 ms and a speed of 1.25Gb up and down... so I'm right and tight that way.

#3 Half Ear


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Posted 23 June 2022 - 03:26 PM

  • Last time you had successfully logged in, since the update this week?
  • General location, country, province/state?
  • Reboot router/modem? ie unplug for 30 secs.
  • Change DNS from ISP to Google, etc?
  • Whatever hosting site ya using, it is taking a long time to log the image.. then only a very top of it is loaded.
  • Flush DNS
  • try using a VPN to bypass problematic router systems. There are a couple of free VPN ya can use, this is more so to trouble shoot and work around the current issue until whatever the issue is between your system and the game servers.

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