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Man I Got Bored Of 3Dmark And So I Watched Videos Of Older Benchmarks - Its Really Time They Release Something New!

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Posted 27 July 2022 - 04:51 PM

Got my new Ryzen 5600 today, probably the last CPU upgrade for this plattform i will do, now wating for GPU pricing to become attractive.
Switched it for my old 3600, not a huge FPS improvement as my old RX480 bottlenecks but turn time improvement in my Sim and Management games is already worth it and it was dirt cheap (i payed less than for my 3600).
Everything went well, had no problems and when i switch hardware i usualy do a quick run of 3DMark bcs i will see if it runs smooth, or stutters, or does not run at all and it tells me if everthing is ok.

But good god, i am bored of that old piece of stagnation that 3DMark has become!

And there are no other really interesting Benchmarks out that give you the Demoscene feel the older benchmarks offered.
So i watched some Vids of older Benchmarks for the past experience and one of my favs was Final Reality:
Final Reality Benchmark - GTX 970, i7-5820k, 16Gb DDR4, Win 10 [4K 60FPS] - YouTube

Its really time to get some new exciting benchmark, where you quickly can test System performance and integrity while getting the Demo vibe with cool optics and music!

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