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Voip Issues With Buds

VOIP Audio Faction

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Posted 06 March 2023 - 09:59 PM


I use two different audio devices for output -- a wired headset, and bluetooth earbuds.

Neither gets used for microphone input -- that's the default built-in mic on the computer itself.

I generally use the Windows "Sounds" control panel to toggle between the outputs. Works for every app, including other games.

Oddity is this that I can't explain...
1) BT Earbuds ONLY work properly in MWO if they are enabled FIRST before starting up MWO.

2) If I try to enable earbuds while MWO is in session, during an active match or even while in repair bay / standby - the headset function with team chat still works next match -- but all game sound FX are muted. (no shooting or explosions) But switching from earbud function to direct wired once batteries conk out -- doesn't require any restart to work correctly.

3) Outside game chat / sound FX are NOT affected by MWO issues. I can still interact via push-to-talk and listen to internet radio, talk in Discord, etc...

Reason for posting tonight:
VOIP is now TOTALLY disabled in MWO (see link)

Doesn't matter if I check the Enable Voip box or not, restart or not, during game or after, switch audio sounds in control panels or not -- run MWO repair tool out of patcher (no problems found), - NONE of it changes that screen. The playback mode and capture mode devices are grayed out, and I cannot toggle them in any way. Even re-setting the options to factory defaults did nothing to change it.

The only odd behavior - game performance thing - that I did differently today - was play in a couple faction matches - something that I haven't done for months. The Voip thing died pretty much the same time I started playing the first Faction game. My push-to-talk in Discord was working perfectly fine at the same time.

Can the game suspend me from Voip by disabling that function - locally - like IN my app itself?? If I was reported for some violation, I'd like to know. I'm really fishing for clues why this Voip thing totally locked down. Please help.

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