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Searching For Old Teammates

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#1 OldAspPlayerYouDontKnow


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Posted 25 May 2023 - 01:55 PM

Ladies and Gentlemen, MechWarriors and Poets,

Greetings. I am an older player, my origins start from the good old Netmech DOS days. (Ah yes, those simply shaded 3d polygons). I played through all expansions into MW2, MW3, and into MW4. I was active in leagues as well (NBT?) and part of a clan.

After a long haitus away from Battletech, I have returned. Not from MW4 to MWO, rather I am enthralled by MW5: Mercs.

Regardless, I am searching for old compadres, comrades I used to drop with.

Primarily, I dropped with Clan Snow Raven in the MW4 leagues. We were a very tactile and disciplined group. The names escape me now, but we had members with names such as CSR_DarkVegeta and I believe or esteemed leader was CSR_Stormcrow (Or something like that) or something similar.

Are you guys still around? If so, and your reading this, hello and greatings from the future, I am actually writing from 2057.

Kidding. Just trying to say hi and stuff to my old teammates.

My callsign was IcyVoid. Again my main clan was Snow Raven, I'd drop with those guys and get blown up or blow some stuff up. Just curious if anyone was a part of that group or remember them, or remember those good old days of NBT MW4.

I'm old, 40 now. I don't know if I have what it takes to go full on MWO (I was a crack shot pilot once), so I play MW5 Mercs.

Anyone around I used to run with? Just curious.

Callsign: IcyVoid

Allegiance: Clan Snow Raven (NBT leagues)

#2 OldAspPlayerYouDontKnow


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Posted 25 May 2023 - 02:10 PM

While I am thinking about what I posted above ^. I also did drop with Clan Wolf as well. We were lead by a guy named CW_MetalMauler. But my main group, the one I dropped consistently with was Clan Snow Raven. Again, CSR_DarkVegeta is a name that comes to mind, along with a CSR_Stormcrow (I think that was the leaders name).

Man those were good times. NBT planetary battles, tactical raids. I spent a lot of time boomsticking. Netmech DOS days I wasn't part of any group, just a random shooting everyone I came across.

#3 OldAspPlayerYouDontKnow


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Posted 15 June 2023 - 11:49 PM

I'm guessing nobody is still around and have all faded into MechWarrior legendary status, given since I had no responses. Well here's hats off to you MechWarriors still out there somewhere. I will be drinking a beer in your honor.

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Posted 16 June 2023 - 01:42 AM

Hey OldAsp,

the majority of the BT-/MWO-community kinda shifted to Discord when it comes to everyday communication. The official forums ain't used very frequently nowadays, so kinda possible your old teammates gravitate around one of the several Discord-Servers.

Mebbe give it a try there!

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