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#1 Bryan Ekman

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Posted 04 November 2012 - 08:06 AM

Future Patches

The following items are new content being worked on in addition to bug fixing and performance improvements.


We've had several internal playtests. Overall I'm excited to see this hit the battlefield, as it adds a very interesting tactical component. However, in its current state is very overpowered and makes certain mech builds even more useful (Gausspults). There was some general usability feedback from the team. Some found it hard to visualize, others wanted more indication that a friendly unit had an ECM equipped.

We're keeping it in test until some HUD/BattleGrid changes help smooth out communication, along with making sure the ECM is not OP. For those wanting to hide from LRMs, this will be your must have item.

New Camo Spec

Exciting stuff! Players can customize their mechs skin and pattern for MC. The system is very easy to use, select a skin, select up to 3 colors and hit the save button. Like a paint shop, changes are permanent and erase any previous pain schemes. There will be some free skins, CB only content, but mostly camo spec will require MC to make changes.

Cockpit Items

Some of you have already redeemed your PC Gamer and NVIDIA codes, which gives you access to a skins and bobbleheads. Later this month we`ll be rolling out more items to beautify your in-game experience.

Bitchin Betty

Currently in the game, available by .cfg command only. Will be turned on in November with new dialogue, which sounds freaking awesome. Anyone seen or heard our new trailer. Hint Hint. Answer: Yes.

Conquest Mode

We've been play testing this for a few weeks now, things are coming along nicely! It's fun and requires lots of team coordination. We're fixing up some balance issues, resource/base locations, and general HUD/BattleGrid messaging to smooth out what's going on. We're taking a look at CB/EXP rewards, focusing on rewarding teamplay above all else. This means a reduction in kill/assist/damage done rewarding, and an increase in holding resources points. With a new mode, comes a new way to launch into matches. A new button will allow players to select/set their default mode to: Quick Play (random), Assault, or Conquest.

#2 Bryan Ekman

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Posted 09 November 2012 - 09:35 AM

DirectX 11

Courtesy of Matt Craig:


After integrating CryEngine 3.4 we noted a number of issues with the DX11 implementation that we didn’t feel were acceptable to push out to production. We have worked with our partners to address the key issues, these
have now been resolved and we are enabling DX11 internally for testing. Once it passes QA it will be enabled on production, we appreciate the fans patience while we work to ensure the DX11 renderer is just as stable as the DX9 renderer.

#3 Bryan Ekman

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Posted 20 November 2012 - 12:56 PM

Third Person

Holy kerfuffle Batman…

Third Person is being reviewed internally as an optional gameplay mode. No final decisions or designs have been made yet, however preliminary thoughts include:
  • Players would be able to choose 1st or 3rd person or toggle between both.
  • Players would be able to select how they are matched against other players: Only 1st person, Only 3rd person, or Mixed. This will preserve the integrity of matches and allow players maximum control over their gaming experience.
  • The concern with a matchmaking solution is player base fragmentation, part of the reason why 3rd person isn’t being rushed to production.
  • 3rd person would not change how LOS or targeting work.
  • Players may gain a visual tactical advantage, depending on how much freedom in camera movement is given. This is subject to designing a camera system that feels good.
  • The game isn’t easier per se in 3rd person, so we do not feel changing the meta rewards is necessary.
  • For new users, 3rd person could be default or there will be a prompt for new players to select their view point.
  • New players will benefit from seeing how torso twist and throttle work from the outside. This reduces new user friction and gets them into the game faster, with less frustration.
  • This feature is designed to maximize player choice, by letting people select which mode they prefer.

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