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[Ppc] Garth Encouraged Us To Use The Suggestion Forum...

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#1 Ragor


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Posted 17 January 2013 - 04:03 AM

In general:
I'd really like to see PPC to do a small amount of splash damage to the surrounding locations, just 1 or 2.

One of the few really nice inventions MWLL introduced to BT:

What about PPC transferring a certain amount of heat to the target?

Could be combined nicely with the minimum range:
Target below 90m, the upcoming EMP effect and the possible heat transfer is shared between fireing unit and the target.

#2 MustrumRidcully


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Posted 17 January 2013 - 04:35 AM

I would just prefer to lower the PPCs heat by about 2 or 1 point (and the ER PPC heat by 3 or 4 points).

If they are worried about 6 PPC Stalkers, than he has to realize that stacking weapons like that will always be possible in MW:O, and he will have to consider what future mechs will bring to the table.
There are Assaults that can carry 2-3 Gauss Rifles and 2-3 PPCs, and unless they want to avoid every mech that could potentialyl do this, they'll have to deal with this on its own.

Currently there is no drawback to alpha striking. In fact, there is a significant advantage to it - thanks to weapon convergence, if you hit, all your weapons will hit the same spot when you alpha strike. The only drawback is that you generate a lot of heat at once - but your heat capacity is 30 + heat sinks (or 30 + 2 * Engine Double Heat Sinks + 1.4 * External Double Heat Sinks), so most customized mechs will have a heat capacity of 50 or higher. Alpha striking with 6 Mediums or Alpha Striking with 6 PPCs cannot be stopped this way. And it sure as hell can't stop alpha striknig with 3 Gauss Rifles, 2 AC/20s or 6 SRM6s.

For weapon balance purposes, it would help if heat dissipation was higher as it is now. Weapons currently produce way more heat than they did in the original game design - they also put out more damage, but the problem is that this doesn'T balance things out. A crucial factor for any mech is how long he can keep firing, and high heat builds simply cannot sustain their fire for long - but low-heat builds can, and they can fully benefit from their heat incrase.
Lowering the heat capacity at the same time will make alpha striking with heat-weapons more difficult, and it would improve the balance between weapons.

Beyond that, PGI will have to think about convergence. It may need to be much slower (but also more visible in the UI, so a player knows when he cannot rely on his convergence). It's the only thing that can stop alpha striking across the board, regardless of whether you use high heat or low heat weapons.

#3 Kmieciu


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Posted 17 January 2013 - 05:44 AM

I would not mind if the PPC was the most heat efficient energy weapon in MWO.

1) It requires a lot of skill, especially because of the netcode...
2) It has minimal range
3) It`s a high risk - high reward weapon
4) It can be mounted on almost every chassis, from a Commando to an Atlas, so nobody would feel excluded
5) It has great visual & audio effect

In short, I would not mind If the game turned into PPC Warrior Online :-). That`s why I suggest to decrease the heat from 9 to 7 points.

The Stalker argument:

I played with this build and you can fire ONCE without overheating on Frozen City. The second shot will overheat you for several seconds. Even with 1 or 2 heat reduction it would still overheat you on the second shot.

Here is the math:


10 Engine DHS
7 External EHS

Heat cap: 30+10*2+7*1,4= 59,8
With Elite Heat Containtment: 71,76

Heat disspation per second: 20*0,2+7*0,14 = 2,98 heat/second
With Elite Coolrun = 3,427

Alpha heat: 54

PPC cool down: 3

Heat after 3 seconds: 54-3*3,427= 43,719
Heat after second alpha: 97,719 > 71,76 = OVERHEAT

If PPC generated 7 heat points:

Alpha heat: 42
Heat after 3 seconds: 42-3*3,427=31,719
Heat after second alpha: 31,719 + 42= 73,719 > 71,76 = OVERHEAT

Even with PPC heat reduction (9 to 7 heat), the 6xPPC Stalker overheats on the second shot.

PS: Gausspult and AC20-pult can never overheat and can deliver 30/40 alpha every 4 seconds.

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#4 Regrets


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Posted 17 January 2013 - 08:10 AM

I think it is really unfair the gauss rifle does full damage at point blank, but the PPC doesn't. I would like to see a change in how minimum range is done... maybe take the PPC, increase its minrange by 50%, and then scale damage from 0%-100% as it reaches 100% of minimum range. It will not be too OP at minimum range, but will do a little damage.

I really like the ER PCC and think it is pretty well balanced.

My big complaint about the PPC is the netcode makes it lolimpossible to hit anything. Really there is no reason that ravens should be teleporting 5-6 mech lengths. If someone is lagging, they should suffer the penalty, not me. Is this really so hard to figure out?

#5 Carrioncrows


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Posted 17 January 2013 - 08:15 AM

Posted Image

Just make it a module.

Advanced Energy

Flamers: Fire Bug (Module): This ability allows a mech with Two or more flamers to set a Fire Template 50m in radius. All mechs in the Fire template, including your mech continuous to take additional heat ever second they remain in the Fire effect. A Fire Template effect lasts for 20 secs.

PPC: EMP (Module): This ability allows PPC’s to have a slight EMP effect on them knocking out a mechs HUD temporarily and has a chance to cause a mech to unlock all targets.

Lasers: Energy Transference (Module): This ability allows a mech to transfer 5% of all laser damage done to the target as additional heat.

Lasers: Energy Throughput (Module): This ability allows lasers to fire and deal their damage 25% faster but also suffers a 15% increase to cycle time.

#6 Kmieciu


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Posted 17 January 2013 - 08:31 AM

AFAIK, PPC damage already scale linearly from 0%at 0 meters to 100% at 90 meters.

PPC should be more heat efficient than large laser (9 damage 7 heat), because it is 2 tonnes heavier and more difficult to use. Large Laser seems pretty well balanced right now therefore PPC needs to be a bit better (10 damage 7 heat).

In my opinion the gameplay would be better, if the heastinks did not increase the heat cap. Or if the double heatsinks increased the heat cap only by 1 point (like single heat sinks), but had the 0.2 heat per second dissipation rate. That would discourage alpha striking with 6 PPC and at the same time helped people who use 1-3 PPC in their mechs. It would even solve the problem of a Cicada coring the atlas through rear armor in 12 seconds.

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