The first in a series of video developer Q&As in-house at MechWarrior Online headquarters. MechWarrior Online is Free-to-Play! Download and play today for free: https://mwomercs.com/signup?SID=C000&TID=T15&CID=CM001&AID=askthedevsvlog1 Read more and discuss this video on our forums at: http://mwomercs.com/forums/topic/147203-ask-the-devs-vlog-1/ MechWarrior Online is free to play! Create an account, download the game and become a MechWarrior for free: http://www.mwomercs.com/signup?csi=25 Question 1 - 0:20 : "In regards to the newest map, HPG manifold, which will technically be the tenth map added to MechWarrior Online. What have you learned about making maps for MWO since first introducing us to Forest Colony back in early closed Beta?" Question 2 - 4:35 : "What is the most used Phoenix BattleMech variant, and are there any predictions for the Sabre 'Mechs? Additionally, are there any other Unseen BattleMechs being considered for MechWarrior Online?" Question 3 - 7:05 : "What are some of the unique challenges of introducing Skirmish to MWO and how have you addressed these challenges?" Question 4 - 8:46 : "Including Skirmish and the upcoming Attack/Defend Mode, will all of the game modes be featured in Community Warfare? While on the topic of Community Warfare, are there any updates or information you can share?" Question 5 - 11:40 : "Moving on to the subject of UI 2.0, how is it progressing and will there be more playtests in the near future? How much of an impact are the playtests and community feedback going to have on the design and functionality of UI 2.0?." Question 6 - 13:01 : "We've heard it briefly mentioned but what can you tell us about the upcoming Achievement system?" Question 7 - 14:42 : "Will Clan Mechs change the game?" Question 8 - 16:23 : "Historically there are Clan BattleMechs that include the OmniMech modularity system. Can you tell us if and how that will be translated into MechWarrior Online?"