Play for Free Now! https://mwomercs.com/signup?SID=C000&TID=T15&CID=CM001&AID=causticvalley Landing in a valley of acidic haze and caustic heat, be prepared to watch your step and avoid the many sources of heat around the map. Founded by the now defunct Commonwealth Mining Corporation, the valley of CMO 26 is a lifeless, tide-locked rock laced with titanium, platinum, and countless other minerals. Giant run-off pipes lead into the centre -- a bowl-shaped field full of heavy dust and brutal temperatures reaching extremes at the top of the volcano. As you work your way through Caustic Valley, you might notice that your heat stays up more than usual, and disperses less quickly. The high temperatures throughout the entire map will greatly affect gameplay. Heavier Mechs will need to watch themselves very carefully, as overheating here is much easier, and much deadlier. Utilizing cooler weapons such as ballistics, with their reduced heat profiles will serve you well. Long-ranged weapons shine here, as at the ridge of the centre bowl you see for kilometres. As everything gives off heat and the haze of the environment is very thick thermal vision is much more difficult to use while making it easier to hide your 'Mech in the thermal signature, of much of the environment.