BattleMech 15: Spider

by InnerSphereNews in [ Announcements ] on, Jul 18, 2012 10:00 AM UTC 400  comments

Soaring above the battlefield, the Spiders twin Medium Lasers dig into the back of an Atlas. As the Spider hits the ground, the pilot pivots it beneath a cliff edge, before running out again, and rocketing forward at 129 km/h, rockets over the enemy Lance and digs into the back of the Atlas once more.

“Can someone get that damn Light off me?”

“On it, Anvil lead.”

The Cicada sprints along underneath the Spider, firing twin Mediums up into the underside of the ’Mech. The lasers barely touch it, but this is a familiar dance to the light pilot. She has seen entire Company’s thrown into disarray by a single well piloted 'Scout' ’Mech getting behind their lines.

The best solution is to counter with a better Scout pilot.

And so the dance continues. The Cicada twisting to track the enemy ’Mech – the red, spider-web-like pattern on the Spiders stomach flashing as it fired down at the lumbering Assault ’Mechs. The Spider has taken token hits all over, and though it is damaged, none of it is serious, and is entirely armour damage.

The Cicada pilot switches tactics, suddenly slamming into a tight turn and doubling back as the Spider touches down, and abruptly 180 degree turns before leaping again. Quick, jump-jet capable ’Mechs like the Spider play havoc with sensors and tracking, thus she must rely on her own abilities. The soaring ‘Mech flies right into the Cicadas crosshairs, her guess proving true. Twin green beams of Medium Lasers arc out with their smaller brother, a single Small laser, to punch the right arm of the Spider clean off.

As the debris falls, the enemy pilots aim falters and the twin Medium Lasers etch the ground. LRM’s begin to hit the Assault pilots as they scramble to find cover, and the Cicada pilot gives chase after the Spider.

She realises that neither side has won, yet feels as if the losing side is hers.