Public Test of the new Mechlab is now live!

by Alexander Garden in [ Announcements ] on, May 7, 2015 5:30 PM UTC 65  comments
Greetings MechWarriors,

If you watched the April 25th Weekend Update video, you've already caught a sneak peek at what we've got in the pipeline for the upcoming Mechlab changes.

We're happy to announce that starting today at 11:00 AM PDT (6:00 PM UTC), the Public Test Server (PTS) will be activated to allow for public testing of the new Mechlab improvements!

Accessing the Public Test Server will require that you download and install a separate instance of the MWO client. 
The download link for the PTS installer can be found here.

What Are We Testing?

This session of the MWO Public Test Server is intended to test the current build of the improvements we have been working on for the Mechlab. 
The new Mechlab, strongly driven by community feedback, is intended to provide a more consistent and better organized method for building and customizing your favorite 'Mechs. Beyond the 'quality of life' improvements, we want to ensure that this new Mechlab retains the same core functionality as its predecessor.
So get in there, play around with the complementary MC, C-Bills, and GXP, and let us know what you think (and if you break anything)!

You will only be able to launch the PTS Client starting from May 7th at 11:00 AM PDT (6:00 PM UTC).
Attempting to do so before that time will result in a 'Servers Undergoing Maintenance' message.

Public Test Server Client Installation Steps
  • Download and run the PTS installer (if a previous install of the PTS Client is not already present on your system).
  • Run the MechWarriorOnline.exe, located in your C:\Program Files (x86)\MWO Public Test\MechWarrior Online\Bin32 (default install location)
  • Click the Patch button
  • Accept the Terms of Use
  • The PTS Client will then proceed to download the MWO install base, which is roughly 7 GB in size.
  • Once the Install Base has been downloaded and installed, the launcher will then download and apply two small patches.
  • Once the patches are downloaded and installed, you should now have access to the Play button.
  • Click Play!

Please read this important information about this PTS client session:
  • The sole purpose of this PTS session is to test the MechLab only.
  • This is not a UI overhaul!
  • Each PTS account will be provided with 50,000 MC, 500,000,000 C-Bills, and 500,000 GXP!
  • Match services will not be available during this PTS session.
  • Your login information for the PTS client will be the same as your Live account login information.
  • Any actions you take inside the PTS client, such as spending MC/C-Bills or customizing your 'Mechs will not carry over to your Live account.
  • The account that is used for your access to the PTS client is a 'snapshot' of your standard Live account. Any changes you make to your Live account while we are running the PTS session may not necessarily carry over to your PTS 'snapshot' account.
  • There is no hard deadline or end-time for this PTS Mechlab session! We expect this session to last through the weekend, at the very least.

To prevent any confusion, all discussion of the PTS Mechlab session should go into the Public Test sub-forum.
We request that you please only use the Public Test sub-forum for constructive feedback and discussion of the PTS Mechlab.
Please do not submit any support tickets regarding issues with the Mechlab PTS.


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