Gifting Agreement for purchasing Gifts

Thank you for your interest in purchasing a MechWarrior Online Gift Code for some lucky recipient. You’re awesome!

Please take the time to read and accept the Terms of Gifting.

Upon the purchase of a MechWarrior Online Gift Code your unique Gift Code will be displayed both on the MechWarrior Online website and through an e-mail sent to the address currently associated with your MechWarrior Online account.

Gift Codes are only active once the transaction is complete. Once the Gift Code is active it does not have an expiration date. You are expected to keep track of and care for this Gift Code for as long as you possess it, as we will not refund lost or stolen Gift Codes.

As the Gift Code Purchaser (“Gifter”) you are responsible, in good faith, for avoiding any refunds or attempted reversals of any Content redeemed using the Gift Code once the Gift Code has been provided to the Gift Code Recipient (“Giftee”). While refunds or reversals may apply, please note that as per our standard payment agreement a user-initiated refund or reversal of Gifted Content may result in a ban for both the Gifter and Giftee.

Once the Gift Code has been provided to the Giftee the Gifter will not be able to request that the redeemed Gift Code be nullified, except in cases when the Gifter performs a refund or fraud declaration (subject to the penalties outlined above).

If you are Gifting a Pre-Order Package, the Giftee will receive any valid Promotions or Pre-Order Monthly Reward Tiers that are associated with that particular Pre-Order Package. Pre-Order Monthly Reward Tier eligibility is calculated from the initial purchase date and time. All other standard rules for Pre-Order Monthly Reward Tier eligibility apply.

The Gifter is expected to be aware of all relevant details and listed delivery dates for the content they are gifting prior to finalizing the purchase, as some Content may be subject to any relevant release schedules.

Upon completion of the Gift Code redemption please allow up to 48 hours for the redemption process to finalize and for all items included with a Pre-Order or Monthly Reward Tier to be delivered. Some Content may be subject to standard or specific injection timeframes, and may not appear in the Giftee account immediately upon redemption.

The Gifting system does not support the Package Upgrade process. You cannot Gift an Upgrade to a current Package; you can only Gift core Packages. If the Giftee has a lower tier Package the Gift Code will set the Giftee to the higher level provided by the Gift. Any value difference is ignored, and no refunds or account adjustments will be made to compensate for the Upgrade price difference. Please note that if the Giftee has a higher tier Package than what is being offered by the Gift Code, the Gift Code will not be consumed.

By finalizing your MechWarrior Online Gift Code transaction you acknowledge that you have read and fully understand the Terms of Gifting as they have been described.