An Axe to Grind


  • Hatchetman Hero

    HCT-TM 'Tinman'

Hatchetman Pack

$40.00 [USD]


1 Hero 'Mech with custom pattern, and a +30% C-Bill boost


5 Standard 'Mechs

  • - HCT-3F
  • - HCT-5S
  • - HCT-6D
  • - HCT-5K
  • - HCT-7R

6 'Mech bays included

Hatchet Bolt-ons Package

  • 6 x Standard Hatchets Pre-equipped
  • 6 x Axe
  • 6 x Battle Axe
  • 6 x Trench Blades
  • 6 x Claw
  • 6 x Mace
  • * Bolt-ons are right handed
  • ** 1 per variant included

12 Million C-Bills

200 GSP

1250 MC

30 Days Active Premium Time

Title "The Lumberjack"

Badge and Decal

Hanging item with C-Bill boost


Standing Item

View 'Mech Specs

'mech specs

HCT-TM 'Tinman'
Engine180 Standard180 XL225 XL180 XL195 Standard180 XL
Max Engine Rating300300300300300300
Top Speed64.8 kph64.8 kph81 kph64.8 kph81 kph64.8 kph
Armor208 Standard304 Ferro Fibrous304 Standard288 Standard304 Ferro Fibrous304 Standard
Internal StructureStandardStandardEndo-SteelStandardStandardEndo-Steel
Heat Sinks14 Single Heat Sinks13 Single Heat Sinks11 Double Heat Sinks13 Double Heat Sinks4 Double Heat Sinks11 Single Heat Sinks
Jump Jets4 (4 Max)4 (4 Max)5 (5 Max)4 (4 Max)5 (5 Max)4 (4 Max)
ECM CapableNoNoYesNoNoNo
MASC CapableNoNoNoNoYesNo
HeadHeat SinkHeat SinkER Medium LaserTargeting Computer MK1-SRM 2
Left ArmMedium Laser Medium Pulse Laser ER Medium Laser, Double Heat SinkMedium Pulse Laser, Double Heat Sink x2 Double Heat Sink, MASC MKII-
Left TorsoHeat Sink x3Medium Pulse Laser, Heat Sink x3Engine, Double Heat Sink, ER Medium Laser, Guardian ECM, Beagle ProbeDouble Heat Sink x2, ER Medium LaserEngine, Double Heat Sink x2SRM 2 x2, SRM Ammo x2, Heat Sink x4
Center TorsoEngine, AC 10 Ammo x2Engine, Heat Sink, LB 10-X AC Ammo x0.5Engine, Jump Jets, Rotary AC5 Ammo x0.5EngineEngine, Jump JetsEngine, SRM 2 x2
Right TorsoAC 10, Heat Sink x3Heat Sink, LB 10-X AC Ammo , CASEEngine, Rotary AC5, Rotary AC5 Ammo x2Engine, MRM 30, MRM Ammo x2, CASEEngine, Double Heat Sink, Targeting Computer MK3LB 10-X AC, LB 10-X Ammo x2
Right ArmMedium LaserMedium Pulse Laser -Medium Pulse Laser, Double Heat Sink x2 Medium Laser x6, Medium Pulse LaserSRM 2, SRM Ammo x0.5
Left LegJump Jet x2 Jump Jets x2 Jump Jets x2 Jump Jets x2 Jump Jets, x2Jump Jets x2
Right LegJump Jet x2Jump Jets x2 Jump Jets x2 Jump Jets x2 Jump Jets, x2 Jump Jets x2
Head--1 Energy--1 Missile
Left Arm3 Energy (Actuators: Upper, Lower, Hand)3 Energy (Actuators: Upper, Lower, Hand)1 Energy (Actuators: Upper, Lower, Hand)1 Energy (Actuators: Upper, Lower, Hand)- (Actuators: Upper, Lower, Hand)- (Actuators: Upper, Lower, Hand)
Left Torso1 Ballistic, 1 AMS2 Energy, 1 AMS1 Energy, 1 AMS, 1 ECM1 Energy, 1 Missile, 1 AMS1 Missile, 1 AMS2 Missile, 1 AMS
Center Torso--1 Energy--2 Missile
Right Torso2 Ballistic1 Ballistic1 Ballistic2 Missile-1 Ballistic
Right Arm1 Energy (Actuators: Upper, Lower, Hand)2 Energy (Actuators: Upper, Lower, Hand)- (Actuators: Upper, Lower, Hand)1 Energy (Actuators: Upper, Lower, Hand)7 Energy (Actuators: Upper, Lower)1 Missile (Actuators: Upper, Lower, Hand)

Download Mechwarrior Online

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System requirements

Operating System:

Video Card:

Hard Drive Space:



Windows 8.1
Intel: Core 2 Duo E7300 @ 2.66 GHz / AMD: Athlon 64 X2 6400+ @ 3.2GHz
NVIDIA: 8800 GT / AMD: Radeon HD 5670

25GB (50GB temporarily required during installation)
Version 9c


Windows 10
Intel: Core i5-3470 @ 3.20 GHz / AMD: FX-6300 @ 3.5 GHz
NVIDIA: GeForce GTX 660 / AMD: Radeon HD 7870

Version 11