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Hatchetman Faq

hatchetman pack faq

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Posted 29 November 2022 - 01:52 PM

Q: Does the Hatchetman have Melee?
Unfortunately, the Hatchetman does not have a melee ability. Melee is not a feature supported by MechWarrior Online. We currently have several Melee weapon bolt-ons in MWO so we are treating the Hatchetman's Hatchet as a Bolt-on. With this preorder, you will receive several Bolt-ons for all your Hatchetman Variants.

Q: Will melee be added to MWO in the future?
We are not looking to add Melee to MWO at this time.

Q: What is the release date for the Hatchetman Package?
The Hatchet Man Will be added to MWO on Dec 13th Patch

Q: What are the release dates for the other items in my Hatchet Man Package, such as the MC and C-Bills?
All Items included in the Package will be added on Dec 13th Patch

Q: Someone gifted me the Hatchet Man Package, which I’ve redeemed successfully through the Redeem Portal. When will I receive my 'Mechs and other items?
All Items included in the Package will be added on Dec 13th.

Q: When will the Hatchetman variants be available for purchase in-game with MC?
  • MC Release Date: March 21st 2023
  • C-Bill Release Date: May 16th 2023
Q: Has a Hatchetman Package sale end date been announced?

The Hatchetman Package should be available for purchase indefinitely.

Q: When Does the Hatchetman Early Adopters End?
  • The Early Adopters Period Ends January 4th 2023 00:00:00 UTC

Q: Do I need empty Mech Bays in preparation for receiving my 'Mechs?
Each Pack comes with all the Mech Bays required in order to house your newly acquired 'Mechs.

Q: What is the difference between a Hero Variant and a Standard Variant?
The Hero Variant gives you a 30% C-Bill Boost when using that 'Mech. Standard Variants do not include this C-Bill boost.

The Hero (H) Variant also come with a unique Pattern, which cannot be acquired or applied to other 'Mechs.

Q: Can I remove the unique Pattern from the Hero (H) Variant to apply other Patterns?

Q: If I remove the unique Pattern from the Hero (H) Variant, can I re-apply it to that 'Mech later?
Yes, and there would be no cost in re-applying it. However, you can only apply that unique Pattern to the Hero (H) Variant. You cannot apply the unique Pattern of an (H) Variant to any Standard Variants or other 'Mechs.

Q: Can I apply custom colors to the unlocked channels of the unique (H) Variant Patterns?

Q: What guarantees can be made about the balance of these Mechs?
Only that we will try to provide as fair an experience for all players, Clans and Inner Sphere alike. This may mean "nerfing" or "buffing" some weapons or adding Quirks to the 'Mechs at a later date.

Q: What are the Hardpoint details?
Hardpoints and other 'Mech details can be found towards the bottom of the Hatchetman Pack page.

Q: Will there be Faction Content for this Pack?

Q: Which payment methods do you accept?
For direct credit card transactions we currently accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. We also accept most other major payment options through our current Global Payments option.

Payment options vary by country. Please click the Contact Us button at the bottom of the payment portal or contact Piranha Games support directly at billing@mwomercs.com if you have a specific payment question.

Q: Will this Collection be available for purchase worldwide?
Yes, except where prohibited by law.

Q: What can I do if I have encountered a problem with my purchase?
Please click the Contact Us button at the bottom of the payment portal or contact Piranha Games support directly at billing@mwomercs.com and our Support services will be happy to help you out. Please provide them with as much information as possible, such as a summary of the issue, the items being purchased, and the payment method being used.

Q: Who or what is Xsolla?
Xsolla is a global payment processor with a specific focus on providing payment infrastructures for videogame developers and publishers.

Q: Why can't I seem to process a successful transaction using PayPal Credit?
PayPal Credit is currently not supported. At this time the only available workaround for using PayPal Credit funds for MWO transactions is to send money from your main PayPal Credit account over to a secondary PayPal account. This will then allow you to use the newly-deposited funds in your secondary PayPal account to successfully process the transaction. Please note that when using the Send Money feature PayPal will apply a flat fee of 2.9% + $.30 US dollars (USD) per transaction to your payment total. This is the same fee you pay when you use a debit or credit card to send money through PayPal. Also note that this feature is not available on mobile devices.

Q: Am I able to get a refund for my 'Mech Pack if necessary?
Refunds are granted without issue in cases where none of the 'Mech Pack content has yet been delivered. If your 'Mech Pack content has been partially or fully delivered prior to the refund request, particularly in cases where some or all of that content has been consumed or used since its delivery, refund eligibility is not guaranteed and must first be evaluated and approved by Support services.

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