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Recent Technical Articles

Error Code 0x0800763

posted in [ Technical ]

Q: Why am I encountering Error Code 0x0800763 when attempting to install/patch? This error is usually reported when there is a fundamental issue with the Microsoft installer system, often related to some...

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Black Screen at launch

posted in [ Technical ]

Q: Why am I encountering a Black Screen When Launching MWO? It's likely that your video settings for MWO are set in such a way that the client isn't able to render correctly. Your video settings are stored...

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FPS Issues

posted in [ Technical ]

Q: Why is my FPS lower than it used to be? If you are running MWO through the standalone client please try running your Repair Tool: Repair tool can be found by navigating to the folder where...

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MD5 Hash Mismatch Error Message

posted in [ Technical ]

Q: Why am I encountering an MD5 Hash Mismatch Error Message? The most common cause for the MD5 error is a firewall or anti-virus software interfering with the download/patch process. Please attempt...

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Refund Policies

posted in [ Billing ]

Q: Am I able to get a refund for a Collection if necessary? Refunds are granted without issue in cases where none of the Collection content has yet been delivered. If your Collection content has been...

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Merging Accounts

posted in [ Accounts ]

Q: I own two accounts. Can I merge them, or transfer content between them? We do not support merging or content transfers between accounts.

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Lost Account

posted in [ Accounts ]

Q: I've lost my account, or can't remember details such as the e-mail or Pilot Name. Can you help me track it down? If you are unable to recall the details of an account created in the past please...

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New player posting privileges

posted in [ Accounts ]

Q: I've just created an account, but I can't post on the forums. Is there an issue? You must play at least one match before gaining posting access to the New Player sub-forum. Posting outside of the New Player...

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Reporting Players for misconduct

posted in [ Moderation ]

Q: How do I report a player for misconduct? Game related Reports Please report offensive users via our in-game report system by selecting the offensive pilot's name (which can be accessed by using...

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Premium Time

posted in [ General ]

Q: What is Premium Time and how does it work? Premium Time provides you with a 50% boost on all C-Bill and XP rewards while activated.  Premium Time is a subscription service Any Premium Time...

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