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Founder's Q&A Compilation

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Posted 19 June 2012 - 12:10 PM

I've compiled upto page 46 thus far, not including comments related to billing/account's founder status/upgrading for the most part but tried to keep strictly to game information.

EDIT: Just a recent update that I found without forcing people to read through everything but were wondering if you can change you mech choice after it was already made. Yes you can. Click on the Founder's Banner and then click on the slot showing the 1 Founders Mech. An option to choose again will be given.

Here's the link if you wanted to change it now: http://mwomercs.com/founders

Edit2: Apparently this option is currently unavailable.

Edit3: Founders Extension post from Garth incased you missed it!

After our return from a fantastic experience at PAX Prime in Seattle, and seeing so many existing and new fans visit our booth and discover MWO truly made us proud. Over the course of the PAX event many fans let us know that outside our awesome core community (you guys) many gamers are unaware of the Founders Program offer. As a response to the emails and feedback received from our earlier Founders shutdown announcement, plus being somewhat overwhelmed by demand from PAX, we have decided to be more inclusive and extend Founders. We will announce it's ending at a later date.

Thanks again, everone!

(This can be fixed now by going to your profile - that's it! Cheers!)

The MechWarrior Online Team

Please see: Closed Beta, Founders Pack and Game Launch - A Short FAQ

MechWarrior Online Minimum System Spec:

Core 2 Duo E6750 2.66GHz
Athlon II X2 245e

GeForce 8800GT
Radeon HD 5600/5700

4 GB

Windows XP 32-bit SP3


HDD Space:
4 GB

MechWarrior Online Recommended System Spec:

Core i3-2500
AMD Athlon II X4 650

GeForce GTX 285
Radeon HD 5830

8 GB

Windows 7 SP-1 64-Bit


HDD Space:
4 GB

A few notes on the system requirements for absolute clarity. Right now a duo core system is our minimum spec machine but it is also our main focus of concern. It is playable on those specifications and I have tested it myself but it is currently very much a minimum spec type of experience running on low detail settings. Currently it’s obvious that a Quad core system is the key as even the earliest Core 2 Quad systems run the game very well. However at this point in time we have only been able to spend a very minor amount of time working on optimizations and it is our goal since there are still so many out there to get the Core 2 Duo systems running much faster.

Okay, hopefully that gives you guys all the information you could possibly want to be the best beta tester, potential Founders Program customer or simply consumer of MechWarrior Online. Sorry if one or more items isn’t exactly as you would hope it to be, but were working hard and we truly feel that all signs thus far say that the core experience of MWO is everything we could have hoped for. Now we just need to keep adding layers of features. Thanks for reading and remember you guys are the best community in all of gaming, keep treating each other with respect and together we will bring MechWarrior back to glory.

Russ Bullock
Piranha Games Inc.

Mechs being offered in the Founders package incase you missed the email:

Jenner JR7-D
Hunchback HBK-4G
Catapult CPLT-C1
Atlas AS7-D


(borrowed from ShadowScythe's post)
Q: How are the 'Mechs different from the 'Mechs already ingame other than the fact that they earn more XP and Cbills? (I'm thinking hardpoint wise)
A: Yes the hard point are the same. Less unique but this also means that they will take the place of the prime variant in the Mech trees so you will already be on your way with that path.
Also for clarity it is a C-Bill booster not XP
Premium account gives a boost to both but the Mech gives a boost to C-Bills.
Trust me over a lifetime of the product this is a really powerfull thing
Q: Are the Founders 'Mechs customizable?
A: Yes that is the other good news that they are the Prime Variants they not only take up that position in the Mech Trees for you to work on but they remain fully customizable in the Mechlab.
Lengendary Package was disappointing from a value stand point....
A: People saying this just arent realizing the value of the mechs. If you buy legendary you will have 4 prime variant mechs which means you already have the start on all 4 mech trees they are a part of.
The lifetime C-Bill booster on all 4 mechs means when your grinding C-Bills you will never not have a mech out of combat you can jump in with.
In short the values are like this
10$ a month on premium accounts and around 15$ value at least on the Founders Mech's which is 170$ value for the 120$
If the mech's dont mean this much to you then perhaps Elite is a better option for you
Q: What exactly is a "premium account" and what does it get you?
A: This should be very clear from all the information this morning...a premium account means you will receive 50% more C-Bills and 50% more XP per match
Okay a couple questions I see a lot of:
The C-Biill booster amount was stated somewhere I think the print below the different packages. It is 25% on all the Mech's
As to the Value of the MC...most people asking what that would buy in game.
The best I can do for you now would be to equate that to Buying Mechs
It is quite a bit, off the top of my head and SUBJECT TO CHANGE DISCLAIMER
You could likely buy somewhere between 8-10 Medium class Battlemechs at current tentative plans. More lights of course and less of the heaviest mech's in the game.
This can and probably will change before launch to some degree but I think it does show everyone, that in game currency will go a long ways to building your Mech Bay up with your favorite Chassis.
Q: So if we have FOUR garage slots and we buy Legendary Founders package that FILLS UP FOUR garage slots.... how does that impact the quantity of mechs we can have in our garage? Thank you.
A: Anyone who buys a Founders Package whether Elite or legendary will still have 4 empty mech bay slots on top of the Mech's they get with Founders.
A few questions really piling up.
Q, When will we shut down the founders program and the ability to buy them?
A. There are some variables at play that are too difficult to explain, suffice it to say we dont know for sure but I can say that Aug 7th is very likely the longest it will run. But it is limited so don't wait too long if you can afford to. For those waiting on paychecks etc I would say we have in all liklelyhood at least 4 weeks at the minimum,
Q. how long can we upgrade them
A. I can say we would allow up until Aug 7th to upgrade
Q. Can we change our mech choice before the Aug 7th cut off
A. This currently isn't offered but we will look into it...no promises yet but we will try.

Q: What are the "prime" hardpoints/ or the founders mechs hardpoints? We've seen the catapults hardpoints and hunchback's hardpoints by what about the jenner or atlas?
A: I wont specify the exact number of number of hard points per area of the mech as that can and will change with balancing.
However as to the Jenner you have beam hard points on the arms of course and missile hard points on the center torso
Atlas 7D has - sorry going to get lazy here since I am getting so behind...check sarna it is the same as the AS7D variant...there will be ballistic, missile and beam hard points on that Atlas.
Q: Will this go on until at least July Fifteenth?
A: I will risk saying yes to this
Q: Founders mechs have a 25% cbill booster on them, As time goes on is there a chance that the company says that it's to powerfull and changes it to a less amount?
A: No this won't happen
Q: Is there a possibility to upgrade your Founders purchase during the Founders period? Say from Veteran to Elite/Legendary or Elite to Legendary?

Q: Sorry if this is obvious but, does this mean we eu players have to spend all the MC BEFORE transferring to an eu server?
A: No take the MC with you if you like
A: The buttons on http://mwomercs.com/founders change to "Upgrade" after you purchase a package, if you didn't purchase the most expensive one. You'll be able to upgrade from that same page until Aug 7, according to Russ.
Q: Russ, do you not have any more info on the "MWO Legends" 'name in credits' thing for Legendary packages, or did you miss my questions?
On credits
A: You get your name in the game credits andther will be an option in the from end somewhere to display them
We expect to put your real name in the credits but also hope to include our pilot name in there as well
A: Yes the c-bill booster of the founders mech will stack with a premium account
Garth on credit name suggestion
A: For the credits, I suggest something like:
Chad 'McDoomswinger' Holmes
Q: Can you guys make it so that premium starts AT FIRST LOGIN? What if people are out of the country without access to MWO until, say mid-September? We just lose a whole month of premium?
Also, if we buy Elite, do we get the Founder mech and 4 more mech bays for a total of 5, like Legendary gets 4 filled slots and 4 free bays for a total of 8? Or does the one founder mech take up one of the 4 slots?
And when can we fix name capitalization?!

A: Currently let's say that the premium accounts start ticking At Open beta but we will be discussing internally changing this to a method that might give more flexibility as to when it is turned on...no promises yet.
The mech bays are as you say above.
I don't know on name capitalization
Q: RUSS: Will the C-Bill booster take up space on the mech in some way?
I have played a few F2P games and usually the added credits have a cost in performance. Is there anything like this in play where a C-Bill purchased mech will not be "gimped" for lack of a better word.
A: No I will not take up space or be gimped in any way...it is the prime variant
Q: Ok I'm putting more info into my question.
I bought veteran twice and it upgraded into elite founder. On the Email that was sent to me said, "Selected Mech: NONE" does this mean I don't get a c-bill boosted mech? Where do I go to cancel this if this is bugged?
A: Okay very good question
I did put another post up in general about double charges or other charge errors
However I just talked with Kyle....what you need to do is select Elite as an upgrade rather than buying two veterans.
What I suggest doing is do the elite upgrade right now and it should charge you 30$ to upgrade to elite then get your refund for the 30$ you spent on the second veteran
End result should be 60$ as it should be
Q: Could I buy a package for someone OTHER than myself? If so, how do I go about that?
A: We hope to add a gifting system soon but it is not operational yet and I do not have an ETA yet
Q: Would MWO allow a one time founder mech exchange one month after it goes live. Its really hard to pick without playing the game.
A: No promises yet but were looking into this
Q: Will those people who Bought founder's pack's be placed on the Beta earlier, we are supporting the game besides reading the forum's and posting. I read about the closed beta 2 dates but for 120.00 we should get the beta right away?
A: My hope is to invite some of the founders into CB1 right away but I do have a bandwidth limitation until we get onto the full production hardware on July 10th when we go CB2
Q: The difference between me spending 0$ and $60 is whether or not i can put ppcs on my founders catapult. I don't understand what this primevariant stuff is, its been over a month since I read the mechlab devblog. Can i get a quick answer to this question Thank you very much.
A: Sure a prime variant has 4 medium lasers so beam hard points...so long as you make the room you can put PPC's on it.
Wraeththix Constantine, on 19 June 2012 - 02:03 PM, said:
A: The short answer is "No, it won't let you". The slightly longer answer is, weapons mount onto a certain hardpoint style. So, if your mech has a mount for a laser, you have to mount some combination of lasers at that point. You couldn't strap on a gauss rifle instead. In the case of the CPLT-C1 (The Prime variant of the Catapult) you have LRM-15s on the "arms". So, you have to mount missle pods there.
A: Remember there are beam hard points on the torsos
so no you cant put PPC's on the big arms...but you could on the torsos

Q: Offered Payment options Paypal/CreditCard and problems

Ive been at this for 24hrs now, and I still cant use paypal, it just rejects the paypal offer. It says "PayPal Express Checkout has rejected your payment attempt. Please select another way to pay. We apologize for the inconvenience"

If I use my credit cards, it says "We're sorry but your credit card was declined. If you feel this is in error, please contact us." All my info is good to go, as I use these same accounts on Amazon, and have no issue running it through them. Even when I check my paypal account, nothing is going through. Its being reject by playspan right off the bat.

Ive tried it at home, from 3 different government computers at work, and even turned on my VPN to mask my IP as a U.S. one, and no go. Its just plain not working.

Sad thing is, it doesnt seem to affect that many people, and if it is, only a few of us are complaining. Theres about a handful of us on here that cannot pay for this pack. Everyone else is saying they had issues, but then say it worked for them. Please help us Russ.

A: There have beena few reporting similar issues. My understanding is that it's all about Playspan and CC company security. Those overseas are having a tougher time of it. At the moment I am not sure where to direct you I admit...have you talked with Playspan and your credit card company?

Chauneko, on 20 June 2012 - 08:30 AM, said:

Q: Here's one I have yet to see:

Do we have any control over what name goes in the credits if we purchased the legendary pack? Right now the current plan is to put our real names in, is it possible to opt out of this?

I'm all for supporting this game. I am not at all for plastering my name in the credits.

A: a few people have brought this up...we hope to add an opt out feature in your profile or something
Q:I believe the following is already answered up above but just incase it wasn't clear here it is again.

Hi Russ,

Do Legendary Founder Pack investors keep their four Founder 'Mechs irrespective of a premium account subscription? I am seeking an official word on this as opposed to hearsay and assumption. My intent was to purchase a Legendary Founder's Pack, enjoy the Pack's 3-month premium account, and then continue playing for free with the Founder 'Mechs without a premium account renewal.

I believe Damadark had the same question (below), but I was unable to find your response to this question in the previous 39 pages of this thread, nor in Crazy Canuck's "Founder's Q&A Compilation."

Damadark, on 19 June 2012 - 11:41 AM, said:

My concern is IF I get the Legendary pack and due to finances had to drop to a regualr account later do you loose the mechs?

"The value of the Founders Package is that it is a lifetime reward and recognition opportunity. All of the hard currency you get in the product will be yours to spend over the entire lifetime of the product, the Founder’s Tag which will be available on the forums immediately after purchasing your Founder’s Package will mark you uniquely for the entire lifetime of the product. The same can be said for the Founder’s ’Mech’s (playable starting Aug. 7th) -- they will be unique on the battlefield marking you as an original founder of MWO, as well as providing a boost to C-bill earning for the lifetime of the product." - Official Developer Update (Jun 15, 2012)

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Posted 19 June 2012 - 01:41 PM

Thanks for condensing all of this - 23+ pages is craziness for a single afternoon's posts.

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Posted 19 June 2012 - 02:19 PM

Great job :P

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Posted 19 June 2012 - 02:21 PM

Thanks for this!

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Nice job

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*thumbs up*

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Posted 19 June 2012 - 02:48 PM

Thank you for the one stop shop for answers. Although I was already planning on supporting the great team behind MWO, it's nice to know the details on the founder mechs. Also, since I have time, I'm going to pay for the pack by not buying cigerettes. At 4.50 a pack, I'll be legendary in 27 days. Not to mention a no-smoker.

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Posted 19 June 2012 - 02:48 PM

Greatly informative post! I salute you sir!

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Posted 19 June 2012 - 02:51 PM

View PostDracol, on 19 June 2012 - 02:48 PM, said:

Thank you for the one stop shop for answers. Although I was already planning on supporting the great team behind MWO, it's nice to know the details on the founder mechs. Also, since I have time, I'm going to pay for the pack by not buying cigerettes. At 4.50 a pack, I'll be legendary in 27 days. Not to mention a no-smoker.

Lol glad you're trying to quit smoking :(

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Posted 19 June 2012 - 04:08 PM

It'd be nice if this one of the other fan compiled collections from the Q&A could get stickied. I finally found this after reading through 18 pages of the original thread.

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Posted 19 June 2012 - 05:56 PM

View PostDracol, on 19 June 2012 - 02:48 PM, said:

Thank you for the one stop shop for answers. Although I was already planning on supporting the great team behind MWO, it's nice to know the details on the founder mechs. Also, since I have time, I'm going to pay for the pack by not buying cigerettes. At 4.50 a pack, I'll be legendary in 27 days. Not to mention a no-smoker.

As someone that smoked for 23 years before quitting a while back, I applaud you, sir. Best of luck to ye!

(Also, talk to your doctor about Chantix. It ain't for everyone, but it made quitting cold turkey dead simple and easy for me, after two packs a day for that long)

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Give this man a medal. I gave up reading at page 5

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Looks like I'll be part of the group putting PPCs on our Catapults. I love me some sniping. Thanks for compiling this.

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You get 5 cookies for compiling this :) .

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+5 internets for you sir.

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Posted 20 June 2012 - 02:38 AM

View PostBlizzard36, on 19 June 2012 - 04:08 PM, said:

It'd be nice if this one of the other fan compiled collections from the Q&A could get stickied. I finally found this after reading through 18 pages of the original thread.

Yes I was hoping one of those that had an opening post would throw this link in there or that the devs would sticky..but alas nothing yet. And with all the onslaught of posts drawn from this event it gets buried in a hurry.

Updated to page 33, but I don't expect anything new to be posted till at least 11am est or so...Russ and boys need their beauty sleep. :D

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Cheers for the great post, Saved me alot of time.

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Good stuff friend. Saved me the hassle of reaing that big ol' 35 page thread. Thank you, and again, thank you.

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Thanks. Excellent info. Can we get a sticky..

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