Upcoming Patch - Tuesday, November 17th @ 10AM – 1PM PDT
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Greetings MechWarriors,

Since the release of the Map and Game Mode voting system in the November 3rd patch we have been watching the feedback and tracking the selection metrics very closely. In this patch we are introducing a vote weighting system to help even out the selection rates for Maps and Game Modes, but be assured that we plan to continue refining and tweaking the voting system with future updates.

This patch features adjustments to C-Bill Match Rewards, with reward increases for almost all in-game actions to help boost your coffers.

Along with a handful of fixes and changes, MechWarrior Academy is receiving two brand new Challenges in this patch, bringing us ever closer to more complex AI 'Mech behavior.

This patch also sees the introduction of four new Champion 'Mechs, along with a revision to the stock of available Trial 'Mechs.

Rounding out the patch we have hitbox adjustments and refinements for nine 'Mechs, fixes for two long-standing issues with War Horns and mouse cursor delimitation, improvements and changes to the main menu's and user interface, a fix for the loss of saved VoIP settings between client sessions, and much more.

Read on for all the details, and we'll see you on the battlefield!

- The MechWarrior Team

Change Log

New Champion 'Mechs

• King Crab KGC-000b [C]
• Arctic Cheetah ACH-Prime [C]
• Stormcrow SCR-Prime [C]
• Dire Wolf DWF-W [C]

Loadout details for these new Champion 'Mechs can be found in a dedicated post here.

New Trial 'Mechs

The following 'Mechs now comprise the current stock of available Trial 'Mechs:

Inner Sphere Lights

• Raven RVN-3L [C]
• Jenner JR7-F [C]

Inner Sphere Mediums

• Hunchback HBK-4P [C]
• Enforcer ENF-4R [C]

Inner Sphere Heavies

• Thunderbolt TDR-9SE [C]
• Catapult CPLT-A1 [C]

Inner Sphere Assaults

• King Crab KGC-000B [C]
• Atlas AS7-RS [C]

Clan Lights

• Arctic Cheetah ACH-Prime [C]
• Adder ADR-Prime

Clan Mediums

• Stormcrow SCR-Prime [C]
• Shadow Cat SHC-Prime

Clan Heavies

• Timber Wolf TBR-C [C]
• Ebon Jaguar EBJ-C

Clan Assaults

• Dire Wolf DWF-W [C]
• Executioner EXE-D

C-Bill Reward Changes

The following adjustments have been made to C-Bill Rewards:

• UAV Kill – Increased to 1,500 C-Bills (from 0)
• Capture Win– Increased to 10,000 C-Bills (from 0)
• Capture Assist – Increased to 2,500 C-Bills (from 0)
• Killing Blow – Decreased to 3,000 (from 4,000)
• Kill Most Damage Dealt – Increased to 7,500 (from 5,000)
• Scouting – Increased to 3,000 (from 2,000)
• Flanking – Increased to 3,000 (from 1,500)
• Tag Stealth – Increased to 1,000 (from 150)
• Narc Kill – Increased to 10,000 (from 6,000)
• Protected Medium – Increased to 500 (from 100)
• Protected Light – Increased to 500 (from 100)
• Protected Proximity – Increased to 500 (from 100)
• Conquest Win: Increased to 10,000 C-Bills (from 0)
• Win: Increased to 35,000 (from 25,000)
• Loss: Increased to 25,000 (from 20,000)
• Component Destroyed: Increased to 4,000 (from 2,300)
• Savior Kill: Increased to 7,500 (from 4,500)
• Defensive Kill: Increased to 7,500 (from 4,500)
• Conquest Bonus: Increased to 75 (from 50)

Map and Game Mode Voting Screen Changes

We have introduced a weighting mechanism to the Map and Game Mode screen.

Each time a player votes for a Map or Game Mode that does not win, their vote weight for the next vote session goes up by one for that category (to a maximum of 12 votes for Map. and a maximum of 12 votes for Game Mode).

Example: Player A votes for Terra Therma and Conquest. Terra Therma and Conquest both lose the vote. Player A thus gains one additional Map vote and one additional Game Mode vote the next time they vote.
Example: Player A votes for River City and Conquest. River City wins the vote, but Conquest does not. Player A thus gains one additional Game Mode vote the next time they vote.

Each time the player votes for a Map or Game Mode that wins, their vote weight returns to 1 for that category.

Example: Player A has a Map vote weight of 4, and a Game Mode vote weight of 4. Player votes for Crimson Strait and Skirmish. Skirmish wins the vote, but Crimson Strait does not. Player A's Game Mode vote weight thus returns to 1, and their Map vote weight increases to 5.

If a player does not vote for a Map or Game Mode, their vote weight for that category remains the same.

For Groups, now only the Group Leader will be able to cast a vote. For all other players in the Group, the Map and Game Mode voting is disabled. However, the Map and Game Mode vote cast by the Group Leader will be visible to all other members of the Group. The respective Map and Mode vote weights for the Group Leader will also be visible to the other Group members.

Players can now rescind a vote by clicking on the respective Map or Game Mode for which they have voted.

Vote percentages are now based on the number of votes cast, rather than reflecting the total number of possible votes.

Example: If only one person has voted, the displayed percentage will be 100% rather than 4%.

New MechWarrior Academy Challenges

The Shooting Gallery

Destroy enemy 'Mechs as they traverse the battlefield at various ranges.
• Choose between four difficulty levels, and interactively set the damage threshold required to destroy a target.


Destroy waves of enemy 'Mechs as they advance upon your position.
• Choose between five difficulty levels, from 'Walking Dead' to 'Armageddon'.

MechWarrior Academy Fixes and Changes

Rapid Fire Challenge

Your highest completed round will be saved, so returning to the challenge later will pick up from that point.
The amounts of damage required between rounds has been changed.
Round summary now shows the last completed round.
Players can now select the starting round difficulty
Players can re-select the difficulty at the end of every round

MechWarrior Academy: Turrets now accurately report damage from lasers.
MechWarrior Academy: 'Mech efficiencies now apply inside the Academy.
MechWarrior Academy: Pilot Challenge I Achievements are now only awarded if the player is running a TDR-9S (a stock version has been added to the 'Mech Swapper).
MechWarrior Academy: Updated Field Manual to include all icons associated with a targeted 'Mech.
MechWarrior Academy: Heat no longer carries over between rounds in Rapid Fire, Onslaught, or the Shooting Gallery Challenges.

'Mech Fixes and Changes

Hitboxes have been adjusted for the following 'Mechs:

• Catapult
• Dragon
• Commando
• Hunchback
• Jenner
• Nova
• Quickdraw
• Raven
• Locust

King Crab can now equip the Phranken Pattern.

Other Fixes and Changes

• The End of Round screen will now default to the Player Stats screen.
• Forest Colony: Fixed a particle issue in the water.
• Camo Spec screen: Informative windows have been added explaining Unlockable and One-Shot Patterns.
• New icons have been added for Hero, Champion, and Special 'Mechs.
• Fixed an issue that could cause War Horns to not fire.
• Fixed a crash that could occur when you have a dead 'Mech targeted.
• Fixed an issue where VoIP settings would not be saved when restarting the client.
• Fixed an issue where the client could become unresponsive if the player closed the client with the X/Close button.
• Attempting to rejoin a match that has been terminated at the server-level will unlock the 'Mech for use after returning to MechLab.
• Fixed an issue where the mouse could stray outside the client window.
• The player will now be informed if they have any essential keys unbound before entering the Tutorial.
• The 'Faction' button is now the 'Faction Play' button.
• The 'Play Now' button is now the 'Quick Play' button.
• A 'Special' filter category has been added to the Select 'Mech screen.
• Informative one-time pop-ups have been added to the Looking for Group and Social buttons for new players.
• Community Warfare: Fixed an issue where 'Mech images could become enlarged and overlap each other in the DropShip window of the Scoreboard.
• Community Warfare: Custom 'Mech portraits now appear in the DropDeck window.

Known Issues

• The 'Current BattleMech' window will appear blank after returning from Testing Grounds. This is resolved after accessing the Select 'Mech screen.