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Posted Yesterday, 05:24 PM

Name / Callsign: Skythe

Timezone: Pacific (UTC -8)

House/Faction: Currently CGB but will work for ammo

Roletype: Brawler / Support

Preferred Weight: Heavy or Medium

Experience: Played through a lot of Open Beta until a technical problem forced me out of the game for a time. From there was out for about a year and recently came back now that I can play again.

Other: First, just to put it out there, I was until recently a member of another Merc Corp but after my long absence even though I was welcomed back by old friends too much had changed and things weren't a good fit anymore. There was no bad blood or drama just viewpoints had changed or evolved and our paths no longer aligned.

What I am looking for is a group of people that mainly want to have fun. This doesn't mean that I don't play to win but at the end of the night I would rather have had a few good laughs and some good games with a group of friends that to take everything too seriously and treat this game as a second job.

I have a few mechs (9 total at the moment) of a mixture between IS and clan. I've mainly been playing PUG drops with a friend that is brand new to the game so my current stats are horribad. Remembering that teamwork is totally OP in this game I need to make some new friends.

Personally, I'm of the slightly older generation (upper 30's), work full time and have something resembling a life so I don't play for 8 hours every night but I'm usually on 3-4 nights a week for a couple of hours, weekends slightly more so, especially going on an all night Friday marathon after a crap week at work when I just need to shoot big stompy robots.

Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to hopefully meeting some people and making molten piles of slag with you.

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