Starts: FRIDAY MARCH 27th 10:00:00 AM (PDT)
Ends: TUESDAY MARCH 31st 11:59:59 PM (PDT)


Greetings MechWarriors,

Reach the highest tier of 20 Event Points and your reward will be a choice between a powerful Inner Sphere or Clan 'Mech!

  • 5 Event Points = 3 Days Active Premium Time
  • 10 Event Points = .50 Cal Necklace Hanging Item
  • 15 Event Points = Dog Tags Hanging Item
  • 20 Even Points = 1 'Mech of your choice: a Thunderbolt TDR-9SE Champion or a Stormcrow SCR-PRIME

Track your Progress here:

Important Info:

  • Once you achieve 20 Event Points, you will have until April 2nd at 10 AM PDT to choose your 'Mech Reward.
  • No opt-in required. All players automatically qualify to participate.
  • All 'Mech choices are final.
  • Premium Time acquired from this event will be automatically activated once rewarded.
  • This Event applies to both Solo and Group Community Warfare queues.
  • You need to play Invasion or Counter-Attack game modes in Community Warfare to qualify.
  • No opt-in required.

For full rules & regulations governing this challenge, click here.